Ecommerce: The Only Way to help you Run Your Business during COVID Lockdown

Ecommerce or Electronic commerce is the only thing that businesses have used to survive the lockdown endorsed by governments to stop the deadly CORONA virus.

COVID-19 originated from Wuhan, China, has completely altered businesses’ financial statements, their plans, missions, and strategies. Enterprises that were thinking for expansion, development, and technology enhancement suddenly stopped when the virus started causing millions of deaths globally, and to stop that, the world was forced to lock down.

Do you know all the businesses that went successful during this pandemic have one thing in common? That is, they all used Ecommerce and entirely focused their work on online selling that not only helped them survive the lockdown but made them earn millions of revenue.

What is Ecommerce

Most of you might already know what exactly e-commerce is, or some of you must have listened to this terminology. Well, to recall your concepts, e-commerce is the buying and selling of products and services by using the internet.

With the increased use of technology, most enterprises have shifted to online businesses along with having physical stores even before the pandemic. Some businesses changed their gears during the lockdown and made them available on the internet to billions of users.

However, some businesses still haven’t launched themselves appropriately and are still questioning the authenticity and reliability of e-commerce. Trust me; this business medium is the most successful if you establish yourself accurately on the internet and get yourself ranked on search engines.

How Enterprises can boost their Sales via Ecommerce

If you haven’t launched your business on the internet yet, there are two mediums that you need to follow simultaneously to be accessible to a large number of audiences.

The simplest yet the most challenging tip for a successful online business is one and only; that is, you need to be easily accessible to the customers and have high-quality customer service. Trust me; you will be earning millions or billions of dollars.

There are two channels to start online selling; making a website and making a mobile app. Many businesses only focus on building a high-quality website and do not launch their app, but I have seen that enterprise app development is equally important and fruitful for a company’s revenues.

Let’s explore the two e-commerce channels one by one to have a better insight:


A website is the most frequently used e-commerce medium to sell and purchase products and services. The website ranks on search engines, and those that have better followed the search engine algorithm will have their website ranked on the first page and can get millions of customers.

A company can offer discounts on a website and assure a better customer experience by introducing various features, including virtual assistants who can guide a customer on a specific product, delivery time, and price.

One of the other forms of eCommerce platform is PunchOut website or a punchout catalog like It allows an institutional buyer to buy from a supplier directly from the supplier’s website from within the buyer’s own procurement application or hosted eprocurement system.

Since customers can order the product or service while sitting at home and get the parcel without wasting their time on shopping malls, this medium has been the most successful E-commerce platform.  

Mobile App

Mobile App of the business always results in a large number of audience but has still not been adopted by a large number of companies. The reason can be the challenge behind launching a successful mobile app which definitely is a challenging task.

However, contact enterprise mobile app development company who know how to develop the best mobile app that is user friendly, easy for ordering, and that can help customers track the order.

If you want to increase your revenues in a short span, you should definitely launch a mobile app along with your business website that has all the latest features to enhance customers’ experience.


There are thousands of businesses entering into the e-commerce world, and to stand out in the tough competition, a business needs to enter from all possible doors. Website and mobile app are the two ways which customers mainly prefer for online shopping. Therefore, you should launch both simultaneously and enjoy the fruit of your investment, even if it’s a lockdown.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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