Elon Musk Will Share Twitter Ad Revenue With Content Creators

Twitter owner Elon Musk has announced that the social network will begin sharing ad revenue with content creators for placing ads in their threads. Only users with a paid Blue Verified subscription will be eligible to receive these payouts.

Through a tweet, Musk has announced that the creators of tweets will be able to receive a portion of the revenue generated by advertising. Specifically, the amount they’ll receive will depend on ad impressions in response to their original tweet.

Therefore, the more successful your tweet is and the more responses it receives, the more likely you are going to make some money. Musk did not reveal further details of Twitter’s new content monetization system, although the new feature has already been active for the public.

Until now, Twitter has offered only two monetization programs — Tips, that is, direct donations from readers and Super Follows, subscribers who regularly transfer funds to authors and have access to exclusive content in return.

Twitter’s direct payments bring the platform on par with YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, all of which currently share ad revenue with successful creators.

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