A Few Tips for Cryptocurrency Owners to Protect Their Funds

For our readers, we have compiled a list of the most reliable ways to protect your cryptocurrency. Even the safest cryptocurrency will be easily misappropriated by hackers if its owner ignores minimal security measures. So, exchange 0.13 eth to eur and store it safely.

A Few Tips for Cryptocurrency Owners:

Use Hardware Wallets

Using a hardware wallet to store cryptocurrency is one of the most popular and reliable methods. By its principle of operation, this device resembles a regular USB flash drive. Crypto owners can use it to store all the necessary security keys and the currency itself on a physical device, and not online. It is very important that you do not lose or damage your drive when using this method.

Make Backups

When storing bitcoins online, remember to regularly back up your wallet. Any problem will automatically mean the loss of your cryptocurrency. So, protect yourself from theft, your computer loss or its malfunctioning. Bitcoin security will not be the cause of your worries if you make backup wallet files. Do it at least once a week or a month.

Check Browser Security and Track Accounts

The browser is the most popular tool used by hackers. You can be planted with a virus that replaces the address bar, ransomware extensions, loggers, and many other malicious programs. First of all, we recommend not installing any cryptocurrency-related browser extensions. In the vast majority of cases, this will not bring any benefit, but it will significantly increase the likelihood of theft.

As for accounts, use the most distinct and complicated passwords, regardless of the type of account and its location. Any hacked account can become a thread, pulling which a hacker will receive all the rest of the information they need. In addition, we recommend using two-factor authentication to maximize your security.

Well, the first line of defense for your computer will be a high-quality antivirus and a trustworthy VPN provider.


Hackers and cryptocurrency are inextricably linked today. Online fraudsters follow every step of investors to access their money. The popularity of virtual currencies has shifted all the attention of seekers of easy money to mining them. As you know, this often happens, not in the most legal ways. That is why we urge you to follow the security rules and monitor your accounts. Use all possible methods to protect your computer and your wallet. Besides, use only a trusted aggregator — Alligat0r.

Do you make money on cryptocurrency or keep it as an additional investment? Do you know friends who are interested in the security of Bitcoin or already own it? Share the link to this article, repost it to yourself on social networks, and distribute it in any other way among your friends and relatives. Cryptocurrency security is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed right now. 

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