Google Announced Translation Hub

Google has announced “Translation Hub”, an automatic translation service that supports files created with PDF and Microsoft Office. 

Translation Hub is provided as part of Google’s cloud computing service, “Google Cloud”, and can translate documents in just a few clicks. One-click translation into 135 languages ​​​​based on Google’s neural machine translation. 

Translation Hub preserves the design and formatting of the original document, so the translated document has the same look and feel as the original document.

Translation Hub was developed with complex enterprise translations in mind. Translation Hub allows central administrators to easily manage multiple portal configurations for different departments. Maintain common translation glossaries, translation memories, and independent billing and chargebacks used by different departments. Translation Hub also offers complete data encryption and is not used or accessed by Google for any purpose.

Translation Hub pricing

Translation Hub has two price tiers, the Basic tier and the Preview Advanced tier.

Administrative controls through the Google Cloud ConsoleYesYes
PDF, DOCX, and PPTX translationYesYes
Google Docs and SlidesYesYes
Translation templatesYesYes
Glossary supportYesYes
Translation memoryNoYes
Support for AutoML Translation models (custom models)NoYes
Post-editing support for machine translated contentNoYes
Machine Translation Quality Prediction (MTQP) ScoreNoYes
100+ language supportYesYes

The prices are as follows.

Basic$0.15 per page
Advanced$0.50 per page

Quotas and limits

Translation Hub applies the following quotas to projects: Request an increase to change the quota.

Number of portals in Translation Hub1,000
Concurrent number of translation jobsUnlimited
Pages translated per minuteUnlimited

Translation Hub enforces the following usage limits:

Usage limitValue
PDF Translation Request300 pages per file
DOCX and PPTX translation requests20MB per file
Import Docs and Slides files from Drive10MB per file
CSV file size for importing users in bulk100KB or 500 rows per import
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