Google Steps Up Cost-Cutting Measures, Including Reductions in Equipment and Services

Google, the tech giant that laid off 12,000 employees in January, is reportedly intensifying its cost-cutting efforts by implementing more measures to reduce equipment, consumables, and corporate services expenses.

According to a report by CNBC, Google recently informed its remaining employees of these new cost-cutting measures through company-wide emails and memos. One of these measures is reducing the use of staples and tape, with a memo sent to the San Francisco office requesting the removal of tape dispensers throughout the building.

In February, Google informed some employees that they were expected to share desks with others when they were not in the office. According to the CNBC report, employees who do not work in engineering and require a new laptop will receive Chromebooks instead of other laptops, including Apple’s MacBook, previously provided to regular employees.

Moreover, Google employees are no longer allowed to charge the company for the cost of purchasing a new smartphone if they already have another one for internal use. Employees needing accessories valued at $1,000 or more must be pre-approved, even if they are not available in-house.

Google’s employee services, such as meals and transportation, have also been scaled back. Many workers now come to the office only three days a week, so some of Google’s canteens may be closed on Mondays and Fridays, among other measures.

These cost-cutting measures come as no surprise, given the challenging economic environment caused by the pandemic. Many companies have had to make tough decisions to reduce costs and preserve their financial stability. However, whether these measures will significantly impact Google’s employees or the company’s ability to attract and retain top talent remains to be seen.

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