Google Parent Alphabet Announces 12,000 Job Cuts Due to the Economic Downturn

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has stated that it would cut around 12,000 employees or approximately 6% of its global workforce. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, stated in a blog post that it was a difficult decision to make for the future” and “deeply apologises” to the workers who would be departing the firm. The layoffs will affect all regions and product categories throughout Alphabet, not just Google.

Pichai notes that, like other companies that have cut jobs in recent months, they “hired for different economic realities” than the one they face today. He said he takes “full responsibility” for the decision.

So far, Google has managed to avoid big layoffs. However, the company’s earnings fell 27% year on year in the fourth quarter, and Pichai stated that Alphabet needs to eliminate expenditures and employees. However, activists and experts have urged for more dramatic cuts, citing Bloomberg’s report that the company’s staff has grown by 20% since 2017.

Regarding severance pay, Alphabet claims that for employees in the United States, the package will begin with 16 weeks of salary, with an extra two weeks for every year of service, and will be paid in full for a minimum 60-day notice period. Furthermore, they have agreed to pay any outstanding incentives and unused vacation in 2022, as well as six months of medical bills and other support services. Outside of the United States, it merely states that it will “support employees in accordance with local practices.”

Despite the negative news, Pichai stated that Google’s AI-first strategy is paying off and that he is looking forward to tackling future difficulties through the company’s AI portfolio.

Microsoft cut 10,000 positions earlier this week, or nearly 5% of its staff, while Amazon cut 18,000 employees or 1.2% of its worldwide workforce. Meanwhile, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, announced 11,000 job layoffs in November, accounting for 13% of its employees.

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