Honor Getting Closer To Using Google Services Again

The head of the smartphone manufacturer Honor, George Zhao, expects to re-establish business relationships with Google. In a conversation with the South China Morning Post, the CEO explains that they are in talks with Google and was hopeful.

Last November, Huawei sold its secondary brand Honor, which hopes to regain its lost position in markets. The brand has started this new independent era by signing various agreements with companies such as MediaTek, Qualcomm, Intel, among others.

One of the big questions that remained is whether they will use Google applications and services on their devices again.

After the US government under the then President Donald Trump put Huawei on an embargo list, Honor, as a Huawei subsidiary, was also prohibited from doing business with US companies. Accordingly, Honor smartphones also had to be shipped without Google services and apps, which meant a sharp decline in devices sold outside of China for both Huawei and Honor. Now the company is no longer subject to the restrictions.

George Zhao, the CEO of Honor, has confirmed that the company is currently in talks with Google. Their hope is that very soon, they will resume their collaboration, allowing the brand’s phones to be able to use Google services and applications again. Although at the moment, it is not known when we can expect an official announcement confirming their collaboration.

After the presentation of the new V40 smartphone in China, Zhao had already announced that Honor would also focus on higher-priced models in the future. When the company was still part of Huawei, top models were reserved for the parent company.

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