A New Era: How Gadgets Help A Schoolboy In His Studies

Today it is difficult to imagine a schoolchild without a gadget. Every second child going to class will definitely have a smartphone in his hand. 92% of elementary school students have some kind of gadget, and every third junior pupil sits on social networks. With age, this indicator increases: the Internet is covered by all students, and each has several electronic devices. There is nothing to be surprised about: today’s schoolchildren are children of the XXI century, who were born in the era of computer technology, and for them the Internet is a natural environment.

Connection with parents

They must have seen the picture of a first-grader who left the school standing confused, almost crying, not knowing what to do. It turns out that his mother should have met him and she does not have a phone to contact him. And what to do in such a situation? And if the child, in his backpack, even had a simple smartphone, such a problem would not arise.

Always with a book

Remember when you came to the library for the right book, and it was not available? Then you had to go to the library on the other side of town or hurry your girlfriend to finish reading soon. And what to do when the school is not able to buy sets of textbooks for all? Then they are either given for two, or the parents themselves have to buy the missing textbooks. Modern schoolchildren do not have this problem. All books can be easily downloaded on a tablet, smartphone or electronic media. Thus it is possible to choose the convenient size of a font or to make marks on fields, without fear of remarks of the librarian.

It is easier

What can I say, but the knapsack of a schoolboy using a tablet has significantly “lost weight”. There is no need to drag impossible bags with textbooks to school anymore. No matter how to twist, but with the advent of gadgets, the child’s studies became easier in all senses. The back for such an innovation will surely say: “Thank you”.

Availability of information

This thesis is surrounded by the most furious disputes. On the one hand, schoolchildren have unlimited access to all the world’s information, and on the other – who checks what content a child consumes on the Internet.

If we talk about high school, then without a smartphone or laptop nowhere, as the gadget will help you to calculate the difficult task, or find the right information in the shortest possible time, in addition, with the help of this service it is possible to get compositions. At the same time, children pampered by the availability of information, have completely stopped remembering. Easily accessible knowledge forms a habit of avoiding difficulties – at any moment everything can be found on the screen of the gadget.

Visibility of information

Remember how we rejoiced as children when there was a picture in the book. Along with modern schoolchildren – presentations with illustrations. They dilute the canvas of the lesson with paintings and visual aids. The same presentations can be viewed on the gadget screen – a great addition to the main program.

Useful storage

Some teachers allow smartphones to be used in class to record information. For example, presentation slides are more convenient to photograph than to rewrite in a notebook. Often teachers of high school use exclusive manuals or articles published in a single copy – such books can not be found even on the Internet. The only way out is fixing on a smartphone camera.

To say that gadgets should be removed from school is tantamount to taking a washing machine or a microwave oven from the hostess. After all, education must keep up with the times, otherwise, it becomes outdated, according to psychologists.

Subith Kumar is an online gaming and futuristic tech editor with a decade of experience. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science and is known for his deep insights into virtual reality and AI in gaming. When offline, he's a drone racing enthusiast and a creative photographer.


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