How To Protect Your Computer From Hackers

We are at risk of getting infiltrated by hackers as our computers are always online. With this knowledge, you should always be concerned with the security of your computers. Find ingenious ways to keep your devices safe from hackers.

Hackers are thieves with superior skills to breach your computer security to access it without your permission. They do this with stealth that you won’t realize when you are hacked. You will only find that you are locked out of your device. 

There are many methods you can utilize to protect your computer from hackers.


One of the best methods to use to protect against hacking is using a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a network of servers that you can use to hide while connected to the internet. 

There are different types of VPNs you can use. Some are free while others are paid for. It is best to use paid-for VPN for security. For all the devices you use, you can read more about a good VPN for Windows you can use to secure your computer. A VPN connects you to a different server and provides you with a different IP address. A hacker trying to access your computer from its IP address cannot see it online.

A VPN covers your computer and allows you to carry out sensitive transactions online with ease and peace of mind.

Use A Strong Password

Strong passwords are a good way to protect your computer from hackers. Even though hackers have their brute force methods to crack your password, a strong password will do the trick.

A strong password is a password that is hard to remember or guess. You can guess a random password or get one from a password generator. You will need to use a password manager to store your password for you. When you have a random password, a brute force attack from hackers is unlikely to succeed on your computer. 

With an easy to guess password, you will get hacked easily and your computer will be taken over by hackers. 

Avoid The Use Of Public Wifi

If you want to stay safe from hackers, avoid using public wifi. Public wifi has all types of people using it including hackers. Hackers can use complicated methods to get access to your computer as you are using it in the same network they are in. 

Do not use public wifi for financial transactions or to access websites with your personal information. You may be redirected to a website where your username and password may be stolen.

When your information is stolen, you will find that your personal, financial, and online security gets compromised. Hackers can easily gain access to your bank accounts, home, work emails, and computer system. 

Install A Good Antivirus In Your Computer

If you want to protect yourself against hackers, you will need to install a good antivirus on your computer. One way that hackers use to infiltrate your computer is by sending malware. 

There are several ways you can let malware into your device. First, by clicking on malicious links on websites. Hackers create fake websites and links on websites that download viruses into your computer as soon as you click on them.

Another way that you can download viruses that allow hackers access to your computer is phishing. This involves clicking on links that are sent to your email. The email that sends the malicious links looks familiar which invites you to open it and click on the links. 

A good antivirus will detect malicious viruses as they download into your device. The antivirus then blocks the viruses from getting into your computer.

Update Your Operating Software Regularly

Operating software manufacturers release regular updates of the software. You should always be aware of new update releases and apply them to your device. 

Hackers take advantage of the vulnerabilities you are exposed to if your operating software is not updated. They can use these gaps to infiltrate your computer and hack it. 

Set your computer’s operating system to automatically update whenever there are updates. This ensures that it stays up to date and is well protected from hackers.


Always keep your computer safe from hacking. Hacking locks you out of your device or wipes away all your information. There are many ways you can keep your computer protected from hackers. Make sure to use all these methods and more to protect your computer from hackers. 

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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