The Inextricable Relationship Between Technology and Climate Change

Technology has made such leaps and bounds over the last few decades. There has been an unprecedented advancement in the fields of both science and technology that has made things so much possible. As a result, the industry has flourished, and human beings are living better than ever before in history. Unfortunately, this has also caused an unprecedented surge in climate change. 

As large industrial complexes continue to pollute the earth, we must turn back to the source, technology, to find a solution. We can find ways to monitor and track the causes and extent of climate change to make critical decisions. Technology and climate change are inextricably linked, and we must use one to recover from the other. 

Early Warning Systems

The climate has been changing more rapidly in the last few decades. There has been a rise in extreme weather events that have devastated human life. Homes, businesses, people, and pets have been washed away, and they have caused mass destruction. While we cannot stop the weather, we can develop early warning systems. 

Early warning systems for tornadoes and hurricanes can save a lot of lives. Extreme climate events, averaging 16 every year in the last five years, has cost an average of $121 billion every year. If we count the loss of human lives, the cost is priceless. This is why we must rely on technology to install early warning systems to protect our people and prevent loss of property. 

Conservation Efforts

Conservation is one of the most critical activities that we carry out. It ensures that future generations have a healthy, flourishing world to inherit instead of one that is barren and without life. Climate change has a significant impact on conservation efforts. This is why climate monitoring is such a significant aspect of conservation efforts. It can show if the methods adopted by the project are working to reverse the damage done. 

Climate monitoring can also show which areas are vulnerable and in need of protection. This can help communities take precautionary measures before their way if life is ruined beyond repair. This is especially important for impoverished indigenous communities in environmentally vulnerable areas that don’t have access to funds that would protect them from climate change. 

Wildlife Protection

Wildlife is an integral part of our biosphere. Without animals and insects in the world, the ecosystem as it stands would collapse. Unfortunately, wildlife is disappearing from the world faster than ever before. Wildlife conservation efforts, though successful, have seen significant changes because of climate change. This is where technology comes in. 

As the climate changes, we can use technology to track the changes in wildlife and make connections between the environment and animal lifestyles. This can help us refine our wildlife conservation activities to ensure better, more efficient outcomes. This can be a great boon to us as we restore wild animal populations around the world. 

Climate Monitoring

Climate change has affected our day to day lives. With the weather becoming unpredictable, it has become more complicated to schedule events, go out, and even vacation. While this might seem a smaller issue than global changes, our quality of life is decreasing. If we have better local climate monitoring systems, it can protect our lives from volatile weather events. 

Extreme weather events cost us a lot of money. With the financial world in a flurry because of the pandemic, we really cannot afford shutdowns because of heavy rain or snowfall. We need more efficient climate monitoring solutions like the new ClimaCell’s weather site. This not only provides local weather updates but also interprets the impact they have on your day to day life. 

Final Thoughts

Technology is not usually seen as providing the solution for climate change. We need more governmental regulations, legal repercussions for offenders, and financial safeguards that protect our communities. We also need more and more people to reject products from the most extensive environmental polluters, so they feel the pressure to adopt more eco-friendly techniques in their operations. Widespread criticism of environmentally unsustainable manufacturing and operating techniques can go a long way in bringing about the changes we want to see. 

However, the way for the world’s largest polluters to change is to have viable, economical alternatives to use. We need technology to provide green alternatives to current waste disposal methods, plastic production, and excessive use of fossil fuels. We also need technology to provide solutions to current issues like the giant island of trash out in the pacific ocean. Without these, we may not see a day where our bath is protected from the negative impacts of climate change. 

Prabhul Kurup
Prabhul Kurup
Meet Prabhul Kurup, with degrees in IT and Digital Marketing and writes about the coolest tech trends, smart marketing, and how to grow businesses. When he's not geeking out over gadgets, he's strumming melodies on his guitar.


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