Instagram Testing Automatic Age Verification By Scanning Your Video Selfie Using AI System

Instagram is testing automatic age verification based on video selfie in the United States.

The users are asked to upload a clip, which is then evaluated by the partner company Yoti, as it claims uses artificial intelligence to determine the age.

After successfully completing the verification process, the video will be deleted from both Meta and Yoti. Although the AI system can estimate the age of the users, it is not designed to recognize their identity, Instagram emphasized.

The automatic age verification is only intended for users aged 13 and over. The age limit stems from US child protection regulations, and online platforms are coming under increasing pressure to comply. Instagram also restricts contact with adults and the display of advertising for users under the age of 18.

The new verification method using AI system will not allow teenagers to circumvent social network age restrictions. Also, adults who mistakenly registered as teenagers will also be able to use it. It is necessary to be over 13 years old to use Instagram, but for years many minors have broken this rule due to the lack of controls.

Although Yoti tools are widely used and approved by the British government and German regulators, the system does not provide 100% accuracy, but it often comes out with fairly correct estimates. The degree of accuracy differs depending on age, gender and skin color.

Instagram Automatic Age Verification steps

Also, to verify age, the user can provide identification such as a passport or driver’s license. The document will be stored on the servers for 30 days.

Instagram also integrated a third method to verify your age — Social Vouching. Three of the user’s friends over the age of 18 must verify their age. Social Vouching will randomly select people from a list of six people. You can’t add relatives to it. Selected users will be asked to verify their age.

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