Intel Arc: Intel’s Discrete Graphics Cards Come Without A Mining Brake

Intel’s discrete graphics cards, which are expected to come onto the market in 2022 under the branding Intel Arc, should not have a mining brake when they are released.

This was confirmed by Raja Koduri and Roger Chandler in an interview with the website Gadgets360. The graphics cards should “a product that will be in the market and people will be able to buy it. It’s not a priority for us.”

According to this, the graphics cards based on the Intel Xe HPG microarchitecture with the code name “Alchemist” — formerly “DG2” — should be addressed to gamers and developers with optimizations, unlike the GPUs with “Light Hash Rate” (LHR) alias GeForce RTX 3000 2.0, but do not have a special mining brake that curbs the siphoning off of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

So Raja Koduri and Roger Chandler are already saying that they cannot promise that there will be enough supplies when the Arc GPUs are expected to hit the market in early 2022.

“I’ll always be very cautious, when the demand is so high and when the market is so hard. I can always use more supply. So I’m not going to say I have enough supply in this high-demand market.” — Raja Koduri, Intel.

In the first quarter of 2022, at the earliest, Intel will come onto the market with a total of four products for both desktop PCs and notebooks, which will later be replaced by the subsequent generations “Battlemage”, “Celestial”, and “Druid”.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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