Intel Processor

Intel has announced a new naming scheme that is to be used from 2023 — the chips previously known as Celeron or Pentium will be advertised as Intel Processor in the future, at least in the notebook segment.

Intel is retiring the Pentium and Celeron processor families — which are at the lower end of its in-house portfolio — to focus even more on the higher-ranked premium brands Core, Evo and vPro.

While Core is still the brand for the most powerful Intel chips, Celeron and Pentium were mainly used for the former Atom processors. In addition, there were core offshoots below the Core i3 that were particularly severely trimmed in terms of functions such as performance.

As Intel has announced, processors that have already been released and CPUs that are already on public roadmaps are not affected by this measure.

The manufacturer has not yet answered whether and when the Pentium and Celeron processors in the desktop will follow the example of the mobile offshoots. However, it can be assumed that the entire product portfolio will rely on the new nomenclature for processors in the medium term.


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