Iron Man Game Development Begins: EA Motive Promises an Original and Compelling Story

Electronic Arts (EA) has officially begun production of Marvel’s highly-anticipated Iron Man game. The development team at EA Motive confirmed the start of production during a recent Q&A session on Reddit. The Iron Man game promises to tell an original story that delves into the rich history of Tony Stark and his foes.

The game’s writing team is led by Olivier Proulx, who has previously worked on other Marvel games, such as the latest Guardians of the Galaxy. The EA Motive studio was divided into two teams, with the first team finishing production on Dead Space and now taking a break, while the second team has started active development on the Iron Man game.

EA Motive is betting on an original and captivating story that truly embodies the iconic character of Iron Man. Game director Proulx plans to give players a deeper understanding of Tony Stark by highlighting what drives the character. He said, “It’s extremely important to have a visceral experience of flying and build a great story around Tony Stark and tap into his character.”

Iron Man is the first game that will be developed by Electronic Arts in collaboration with Marvel, with more games to follow. According to rumours, the development may be carried out on Unreal Engine 5. Fans can expect a thrilling and immersive gaming experience as EA Motive strives to deliver a story that truly captures the essence of the iconic character.

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