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Finding a job can be demotivating, especially when you barely receive any feedback and are uncertain about how to go about it. This is why job search sites are so crucial in making the experience as comfortable and accessible as possible. For example, Lensa is a US-based job search website that utilizes AI technology as well as a capable team to help you achieve success.

The technology Lensa uses is based on results thanks to advanced technology, including artificial intelligence. They aim to enhance the recruitment process for both job seekers and recruiters alike by increasing their options and the fluidity of the processes.

Foundations of Lensa

Launched in San Francisco back in 2016, Lensa has made continuous progress toward becoming a successful online job board. The website has over 3.2 million monthly users ranging from recruiters to job seekers to simple browsers. It can be safely said it is a popular option amongst US job seekers.

The aim of Lensa is to make a positive impact on the job market through interactive mediums and data-driven decisions. Its focus is on speed, accuracy, and, most importantly, positive outcomes, thus why it is able to match active candidates to individual job listings quickly instantly. It is also thanks to its advanced AI, which we will be expanding on later.

How Lensa Functions

Lensa’s main way of helping job seekers is by providing them with technological tools to further facilitate the process of finding employment. The company has easily incorporated more holistic approaches to recruitment, such as allowing candidates to contact employers first. This was a practical decision by the company since they get 85 million job alerts every month.

They also let employers sign up for free, making them only pay per candidate to view their resume. The website has minimal amounts of charges, such as viewing candidate resumes or job alerts based on the affiliate the alert is coming through. You will find different affiliate companies have various charges.

Lensa also has these “ten commandments” they follow to describe their goal and mission. They expand on the idea of balance and efficiency using technology and maintaining a user-friendly platform. Some of their mantras include making an impact, being transparent, and having fun along the way.

Who Lensa is Focused On

The company is mainly focused on job seekers and employers, specifically individuals who are involved in design, marketing, and general industry professionals.

What Innovations Lensa Has Brought

Firstly, the website is compatible with applicant tracking systems, or ATS for short. ATS uses keywords to filter out the resumes that match the given description by the employer. In other words, if your resume doesn’t have any of the keywords, it will likely not even get viewed by a real human being, instead being sorted out by software.

Keep in mind, Lensa is a talent management platform, which makes it great for employers to gain data-driven insights into the intelligence and activity of candidates that apply or look at their job listings. It is essential for candidates to be engaged since that is what employers on these websites look for.

Lensa also has a well-designed video game as a part of their process for candidates to go through. This game analyzes your workstyle and soft skills while aiding candidates in finding out more about themselves.

Being aware of strengths and weaknesses in an objective sense can help candidates make stronger decisions with applying to jobs and increase the relevancy of their resumes to employers. This game is proof of Lensa’s strong focus on not only innovating the recruitment scene but also adding interactive fun elements to employment.


User experiences for Lensa are quite positive, and the number of monthly users also backs these up. The quickness Lensa is able to provide job seekers and employers is excellent, and there is an ease to using the site to find a job ideal for you.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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