Why a Landline Phone Can Still Be Useful Nowadays

While many people have cut the cord in favor of their mobile phones, landlines are still useful. They provide a reliable line of communication, have improved call quality and offer various other benefits. For instance, if you call emergency services from your landline, the dispatcher can immediately pinpoint your location.

No need for a charger

As we become a more digital society, it can be easy to yank the landline phone out of your home and replace it with your web-surfing, picture-taking, and Amazon-shopping smartphone. But before you do, there are several reasons why having a landline phone can still be beneficial. Unlike your cell phone, one of the most obvious reasons to keep a landline is that it works without power during outages. Plus, your address shows up automatically when you dial 911, whereas cell phones require you to state your location, which can be time-consuming in an emergency. Also, a landline can’t be hacked, which is important for those concerned with privacy.


Having reliable communication is an important reason to keep your landline phone. Cell phones can sometimes be spotty and drop calls during a conversation, which can be frustrating. Landlines provide a better connection with consistent voice reception, even in rural or remote areas. The reliability of a home phone line service is also important for emergency preparedness. In the event of a disaster, having a landline means you can still contact family and friends and get help when needed. It also gives businesses peace of mind knowing they have a phone line to call in case of a power outage or natural disaster.


The reliability of landline phones makes them a good choice for anyone concerned about missing important calls. Cell phones rely on wireless signals, which can disrupt many factors, including weather and congestion. In addition, if you have a landline tied to your address, emergency responders can easily find your location when you call 911. It can be especially helpful if you lose your cell phone or run out of battery. Analog landlines use traditional copper lines, while digital landline services are often bundled with internet or cable services. Both offer great call quality and can be less expensive than maintaining a cellphone.

Call quality

Most people notice that their smartphone call quality is significantly lower than the sound quality of a landline phone. With a landline phone, you can expect crisp, clear audio every time.

Many home phones also have better-quality components in the earpiece for easier communication and clarity. Businesses that use the phone as their main communication form may find it especially crucial. In emergencies, having a landline phone can help first responders find your location faster than a cell phone. Nine hundred-eleven landline calls provide an exact address to emergency responders, whereas cell phones often only transmit your general area. It can be crucial in a life-or-death situation.

Robocall blocking

There are a lot of benefits to having a landline phone that can go unnoticed by those who have solely switched over to a mobile device. These benefits include reliability, better call quality, emergency preparedness, cost-effective communication and privacy. While cell phones have improved their GPS capabilities, calling 911 from a landline will send first responders your precise address, which can be difficult with a cell phone in an emergency. So before you yank that landline out of the socket, think again! There are a surprising number of reasons to keep it plugged in. It could save your life someday.


In times of power outages and breakouts, landline phones work even when electricity is out. Traditional copper-wired landline phones continue receiving power from the telephone company. In contrast, cordless landline phones operate via cell towers, eliminating the need for a high-speed internet or copper wire connection to work. The backup feature is also useful for businesses, enabling teams to keep in touch without worrying about dropping calls or misheard messages. Plus, a landline number is associated with your exact address, making it easier for 911 responders to locate you in a crisis. It makes landline phone service especially beneficial for those who live in rural areas with poor cell phone reception.

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