LEGO And Epic Games Metaverse For Children

LEGO and Epic Games have signed an agreement to shape a metaverse that is safe and fun for kids and families.

The companies presented three principles on which the metaverse will be built. First, it is protecting the right of children to play in a safe and prosperous environment. Second, the privacy and protection of children’s privacy. Third, providing children and adults with the tools to manage their experiences in the metaverse.

SuperAwesome, which Epic bought back in 2020, will help develop the metaverse of Epic Games and The LEGO Group.

Epic Games will contribute the expertise that Fortnite has given it in virtual spaces and content creation tools, while LEGO will use its 90-year history of creating gaming experiences for children.

Started the revolution by Meta; now, many other gaming studios have already announced their plans to create their metaverse joins, such as Niantic, the main developer of Pokémon Go. Other firms such as Nvidia have also proposed their metaverse ideas, in the latter case aimed at a more industrial environment.


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