5 Ways to Level Up Your Work From Home Situation

When the pandemic started last year and working from home became the new norm for a good portion of the global workforce, no one thought the situation would drag on this long. It’s only natural that many people found it difficult to adjust to the new work-from-home situation. If you’re someone who dislikes the whole affair, there are ways to make it better.

There are several simple ways to level up your work-from-home situation and boost your productivity, including:

1. Make it Separate

The first mistake most people make when working from home is working from your bedroom. If you really want to focus on your work and be productive, setting up a work-from-home space in a separate area other than where you relax is ideal. Ideally, you should convert the most isolated room in your household for home office purposes. Make sure your work room gets plenty of natural light.

A bedroom is a place for relaxation and family time, meaning if you try to work from there, you’ll be constantly interrupted by loud noise and family members passing by. Set boundaries for your workspace and ask your family members to respect your regular working hours and not interrupt. If you can afford it, make your room soundproof in case you have a loud household.

2. Improve Your Electronics

Another important thing that you need to do to have a smooth work from home experience is investing in quality electronic devices. These include smartphones, laptops, desktops, printers, and other devices that are necessary for your profession. If you work with slow and outdated devices, your work speed and efficiency will suffer greatly. This applies, particularly to laptops and desktops.

Printers are also inseparable devices for home offices, especially for those whose work involves constantly scanning and printing documents. With the advancement of technology, there are now a variety of reliable printer options available in the market, such as Canon copiers from ACP, that offer high-quality printing, scanning, and copying capabilities. These devices can greatly enhance the productivity and efficiency of your home office, allowing you to focus on your work without worrying about the reliability of your equipment.

Do you constantly wonder why is my laptop so slow? If you do, it might be time to try out common fixes for slow laptops. Before trying anything, make sure you install the latest software and OS updates. This can make a great difference in performance. Despite all that, sometimes, you need to let a professional handle your laptop repair if common fixes don’t work.

3. Buy Comfortable, But Stylish Clothing

When you’re working from home, there’s no need to dress in formals and feel stiff all the time. If you don’t have to spend a lot of time on video meetings, then it’s best to opt for comfy and stylish casual clothing. With winter almost knocking at the door, make sure to invest in comfy sweaters and leggings.

However, that doesn’t mean you should wear your pajamas all day. What you wear strongly impacts your mindset, so wearing something you wear at night might not help your productivity. Also, make sure to wear fresh clothes every day to maintain proper hygiene.

4. Get an Espresso Machine

Though this tip might sound like overkill, it actually isn’t. Many people are dependent on caffeine to get them through the day since it gives a strong energy boost. If you’re one of them, keeping an espresso machine in your work area can be an excellent idea as you won’t have to make frequent trips to the kitchen to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Espresso machines aren’t exactly cheap and can easily set you back a few hundred dollars, so try to invest in one if you find that you have money to spare. You can also set up a coffee bar if you want in case you have meetings at home. 

5. Make a Playlist

Don’t underestimate the power of music when it comes to motivating yourself to work. It has been scientifically proven through research that music influences and energizes the mind. Having a playlist to boost your morale when you’re feeling down when working is an excellent way to get energized.

If you find yourself procrastinating in the morning hours, having a playlist to ease you into work is a great idea. Just don’t get carried away and let the music distract you.

Take Control of the Situation

Working from home might have been a dream come true for many over the pandemic lockdowns, but for many others, it’s something difficult to adapt to. Following the above-mentioned advice can help you make the situation more bearable. By taking control of how you approach things, you can make the best of the current situation. 

Prabhul Kurup
Prabhul Kurup
Meet Prabhul Kurup, with degrees in IT and Digital Marketing and writes about the coolest tech trends, smart marketing, and how to grow businesses. When he's not geeking out over gadgets, he's strumming melodies on his guitar.


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