Meta Patents Smartwatch With Detachable Screen And Three Built-in Cameras

Last year, Facebook was reported to be working on its first smartwatch. Now Facebook-owned company Meta has patented an unusual smartwatch design that features a detachable screen and three built-in cameras.

According to LetsGoDigital, the patent was filed on June 24, 2021, by the firm with the global intellectual property management organization, WIPO. The patent contains information about a “removable camera unit for a wearable device.” The patent contains 49 pages of information and was finally approved and published on January 13, 2022.

The important thing about this patent is that it shows two wearable devices, one with that square design and another with that circular format that we see in the vast majority of smartwatches that hit the market.

One of the main features is the presence of a removable display. It will be a separate module that can be detached as needed as the panel is held on magnets. In addition, the design of the watch provides for the presence of three cameras with telephoto, wide-angle and optical zoom lenses. By turning the ring around the dial — on the circular shaped smartwatch, the patent shows how, thanks to a rotation mechanism — the user can select the desired lens suitable for a particular scenario.

Meta Smartwatch With Three Built-in Cameras

The watch also has many different sensors. There is a heart rate sensor, a temperature sensor, an infrared sensor, a motion sensor and activity recognition.

It looks like this smartwatch to be used for that metaverse in which Meta has been imbued since it was announced.

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