Microsoft Defender ATP Antivirus coming to Linux Systems In 2020

Microsoft has confirmed that the company’s most prestigious security tool Microsoft Defender ATP antivirus for Linux systems will be available for customers in 2020.

The widely used built-in antivirus of Windows platform, Windows Defender rebranded as Microsoft Defender in March 2019 and this brand change shows the company is ready to deploy a full-secure antivirus option for every operating system.

Corporate vice president for Microsoft’s M365 Security, Rob Lefferts told ZDNet that Microsoft Defender for Linux platform will be available for customers in 2020.

Apart from that, Microsoft is also planning to bring the Application Guard — a security feature that was only available in Edge and allowed users to safely open a webpage in an isolated virtual machine to protect them from malware — to all Office 365 documents. 

Microsoft didn’t share any additional information regarding what features they are going to include in Microsoft Defender for Linux. But it’s sure Microsoft Defender ATP is going to provide a centralized security operations experience for Windows as well as non-Windows platforms.


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