Microsoft Edge Loses Ground to Safari in Desktop Browser Market

Microsoft Edge has lost its second-place position in the market to Safari. According to the latest report from Statcounter, Safari now holds an 11.87% market share, up by 0.95 percentage points compared to the previous month. Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge’s market share declined by 0.15 percentage points, causing it to fall to third place. Google Chrome remained the market leader, with a market share of 66.13%, up by 0.36 percentage points.

It should be noted that while the figures from Statcounter and other platforms are not entirely accurate, they provide a general overview of the state of the market. The shift in market share suggests that Safari is becoming a more popular choice among desktop browser users, potentially due to its integration with Apple products.

In the mobile browser market, Chrome and Safari continue to dominate, with a combined market share of nearly 90%. The remaining players, including Samsung Internet, Opera, and UC Browser, accounted for less than 10% of the market share.

Microsoft has been actively introducing new features to Edge, but the browser has struggled to break the 11% mark for almost a year. To compete with Google, Microsoft recently launched a beta version of Edge that displays ads for Bing’s AI bot on Google search pages. However, whether this move will pay off or simply annoy users is unclear.

Despite the fluctuations in market share, the competition between major browser developers remains intense. Each company strives to innovate and improve their product to attract more users and maintain its position in the market. As a result, users can expect continued updates and new features in their favourite browsers in the future.

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