Monster Hunter Now: Niantic Announces Partnership with Capcom to Develop AR-based Monster Hunter Game

Niantic, the well-known game developer behind the wildly popular augmented reality game Pokemon GO, has announced a collaboration with CAPCOM to create a new Monster Hunter title that integrates location data and AR components. The new game, Monster Hunter Now, intends to adapt the series’ fundamental monster-hunting feature into a real-world augmented reality experience.

Monster Hunter Now will allow players to experience the thrill of hunting dragons and other creatures from the Monster Hunter series on the streets of the real world. The game may be played solo or with others, making it suitable for players of all skill levels.

One of the unique features of Monster Hunter Now is an item called “Paintball”. If players use paintball on a monster they come across, they can take it home and hunt it alone or with others. Even when players are walking and not playing the game, their friends can mark the monsters they pass by with “Paintball”, so they can enjoy hunting even when they get home.

Niantic believes that Monster Hunter Now, along with AR games in general, will be easier for first-time players to play. The game is set to be launched in September for iOS and Android. Interested gamers can, however, apply for the closed beta test via the official website.

The announcement of the alliance between Niantic and CAPCOM has sparked a lot of interest among gamers. The Monster Hunter franchise has a big fan base, and the addition of Niantic’s AR technology is intended to elevate the experience to new heights.

Niantic has a track record of creating successful augmented reality games, and its collaboration with CAPCOM is likely to result in a game that is enjoyable to play and has the potential to revolutionise the gaming industry. Adding location data and augmented reality components into the Monster Hunter franchise is designed to provide players with a new degree of immersion and excitement.

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