8 Most Popular WordPress Plugins of All Time

It’s extremely overwhelming for new users to find the right plugin for their website. Having the right set of tools can help you grow your business online, so make sure you have the needed plugins to boost your site and attract new leads and potential customers.

There are over 55 000 plugins in the official WordPress plugin repository. Furthermore, you can easily get access to responsive WordPress support at site-steward.com and similar sites that have a team of experts available to work on your problem provide a solution. Not all of the plugins have regular updates, but those that we will share in this article are some of the most popular ones of all time. Based on the download numbers, here is the list.


Every website needs a contact form so it’s easier for visitors to be in contact with you. The WPForms is an online builder that allows you to create a contact form with only drag and drop functions. You can create online order forms, email subscription forms, payment forms, and any other type of online form eventually. There are over 300 pre-built templates from which you can choose and ease your life. 

WPForms integrates with payment platforms and comes with powerful features like landing pages, GDPR, custom user registration, conversational forms, login forms, and many more. There is a free version of the plugin, so if you are seriously looking to grow your business and boost lead generation, this is the right choice.

All in One SEO

Search Engine Optimization helps your site to drive more traffic using the best practices. This popular tool is used in over 3 million websites and it comes with a set of features that will improve your on-site SEO. You can properly add keywords, meta descriptions, generate XML sitemaps and make optimizations for social media. There is a complete AIO SEO guide that helps navigate through the settings and set it up the best way possible.

Wordfence Security

From what you can see, most of the famous WordPress plugins are diverse and come with a distinctive set of functions. This is a plugin about security and malware scanners that will keep your site safe and secure. It puts a firewall on your site to keep away any malicious traffic and blocks suspicious external attempts so it provides secure login.

It provides alerts anytime something unusual happens on your site that puts into danger its security. If you don’t want to face any dangerous problems, it is recommended that you have this plugin installed on your WordPress site.


WooCommerce plugin was built for commercial purposes first, but it was later accustomed as a plugin that turns your WordPress site into an online shop. It is one of the most powerful and most popular WordPress plugins and it’s very flexible in terms of customization. Apart from the built-in settings, there are a lot of extensions created by developers so that your e-commerce experience runs smoothly. WooCommerce created an environment where you can sell digital and physical goods, use affiliate links and add product variations.

Desk setup

If your goal is to maintain your visitors’ attention so they don’t get easily distracted, you should use the NextGEN Gallery plugin. You can create an attractive photo gallery and display the images in different styles, from the slideshow, thumbnail to image browser style. Then, you can adjust the gallery by setting transitions, size, timing, and lightbox effects. This plugin is extremely useful for novices who want to import photos and create a beautiful and eye-catching gallery on their store.

Yoast SEO

We have another SEO tool on our radar! And it’s a powerful one that can help in increasing web traffic. Implementing strong SEO on the website’s brand will improve the marketing efforts and build the web presence online. This plugin gives you full control to rank high in the search engines, templating customized snippets. 


MonsterInsights is a data tracking tool that provides insight into the statistical nature of things. It connects with Google Analytics and provides reports for eCommerce, behavior, and customer audience. Includes universal tracking so it can monitor the visitors across multiple platforms and devices. MonsterInsights is a great asset to any company and an incredible plugin with powerful features and functionality.

The Events Calendar

As an event organizer, your objective is to encourage people to sign up. That way you can boost your brand authority and encourage the target audience to participate in your marketing campaigns, take part in your community, and help in the growth of your business. The Events Calendar displays upcoming events where you can choose to view them in different modes. If you upgrade to the Pro version you’ll get all the extra features.

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