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Since the bloom of the gambling market, Gambling has become a household name. More than half of the total population of the world gamble at least once a year and around 1.6 billion people gamble in a more regularised way. With the digitalisation of everything due to the pandemic, the casinos and gambling ports have also made a concrete move to go online. Digitalisation has made casinos accessible to everyone but the increase in the number of punters inadvertently means that the number of problems gamblers also increases. Many sites offer verbal counselling to help people with the unhealthy obsession, but it ultimately depends on what the punter retains if not acted upon immediately.  

Although most responsible casino sites keep their safe gambling measures in high priority, which we agree is quite important; most of the time, it is the punters themselves who realise their problem and seek out help. Many technologies have been made and redefined over the years which have opened doorways to safe and secure gambling from the grasp of risk gambling. However, getting over that impulse is not as easy as it sounds; even with the proper dedication, people fail to face their issues to the end. 

A Walk Through the Different Responsible Gambling Technologies

responsible gambling technologies

Let us take a look at the different options available to punters to help with their problem gambling:

Transaction Control Aid 

Due to the rise in addictive gambling, many banks have come up with the offer of limiting transactions at gambling casinos which will help block payments from one’s account. When the punter realises that they are spending way more than what they intended to, they only have to activate this service with the help of their respective banks to put a barrier.  

Even though there are many credit card casinos that are still working, this certainly can be counted as a development from what was available before. 

The activation of this service becomes fairly easy with the help of the bank authorities, who the punters might note to contact in case any assistance is needed. The following banks help strengthen the cause of safe gambling through this initiative:

  1. Bank of Scotland
  2. Barclays 
  3. Halifax
  4. HSBC
  5. Lloyds Bank
  6. MBNA
  7. Monzo
  8. Natwest
  9. Royal Bank of Scotland
  10. Santander 
  11. Starling

More information about their features may be found that their respective customer cares. 

Self-Exclusion Programmes (GamStop)

After recognizing a harmful trait, it is important that punters isolate themselves from gambling to cultivate in themselves new habits that are devoid of such obsession. Self-exclusion is a facility that enables the punters to stop gambling for at least six months and up to when it is needed. 

It can be activated after a punter has decided on giving up gambling for that amount of time since there is no way of deactivating the exclusion after actuating it. One of the sites that even the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom recommends is GamStop. GamStop has been available to punters since the mid of 2018 and the government makes it compulsory even for GamStop excluded casino sites to partake in the scheme in order to run in the UK. 

GamStop doesn’t need punters to go on excluding themselves from all casinos, arcades, and operators, instead it works on just one of their requests and excludes them automatically. It also shuts down any account one might have at a casino along with deleting the gambler’s information from the casino databases. Punters might also want to visit GamCare and Gamblock for support. 

Casino Blockers

Casino blockers are a great way to exclude ourselves from things that are unwanted to us or are harmful to us. This service restricts undesirable websites from being accessed from the concerned devices. These are a great way to solve problem gambling or underage gambling, both of which are extremely harmful. 

Belfilter is one such software that helps provide people with the gambling-free atmosphere that they need and it is available on Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows, granting availability to everyone. GamBan similarly blocks the access of punters to gambling websites in order to help with risk gambling. NetNanny is another such software which in addition to blocking such sites, also sends notifications in case someone tries to access them. 


Even though there are many options available to the punters as aids, it still depends on the punters to make the right decision for the services to help them form a better life. The government actively spreads awareness on these issues and safe-gambling practices for its citizens to lead a better life. And the technologies have advanced enough to give the punters a chance to start anew, the rest depends on the punters themselves. 


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