Top 3 Online Video Converters to Work With Multimedia Files

Almost every modern user has ever been faced with the need to convert a video from one format to another or to change the video picture resolution. And there may be different reasons for that. You may need to download a video to a mobile phone without a media file taking up a lot of space on your gadget. You can slightly lower the quality and reduce the video resolution in order to save some space on the device. 

Besides that, video converters allow coping with incompatible formats. Not all people have codecs on their computers for MKV, SWF, MOV, etc. So if you want to watch video downloaded from the Internet or filmed on a camera, you will need to convert the multimedia to the common AVI format. In this case, you can play a video clip on any computer with no issues or lags.

No matter what the case of yours is, there is always a solution! A video converter program comes to the rescue. In this post, we will take a look at the top three most convenient online video converters that you can use to process multimedia files regardless of their format and specs. Let’s dive deep into the key features of every solution so that you could pick the one that works best for you.

#1 – Online Video Converter

Online video converter by Movavi is one of the simplest apps available on the web. You can use the solution right in the browser without installing a software pack on your PC (if you do not want to). The application comes with a pack of functions for a standard audio and video conversion. 

Although the conversion speed of this web-based app is quite high, the online version of the program cannot process large video files, the file size is limited. But you can always use its desktop version to process heavy files and high-res videos. 

The latter also comes with a whole pack of editing tools. Besides that, with the desktop version of the app, you are given the opportunity to adjust the video quality and even select your preferable video parameters. The solution is capable of converting multiple videos at the same time regardless of their size.

#2 – 123apps Video Converter is an online service of free web applications designed to work with multimedia files. Need to perform various operations with different types of files? Need to trim a song, convert videos to other formats, or reduce a file size? To cope with all the above, you do not need to have multiple programs running on your pc. For one-time use, it is irrational to install specialized software on a computer, agree? With the 123apps tool, all the operations are carried out online right in the interface of a single solution.

The online service has free tools for working with multimedia and helps the user to solve problems of processing or converting different files and archives. With 123apps, several applications are available in a single location – all running on a remote server on the Internet.

The main service features of the app:

  • Trimming or joining audio files;
  • Convert audio to other formats;
  • Cropping or recording video;
  • Convert video online to other formats;
  • Sound recording;
  • Unpacking archives online.

The best thing about the 123apps solution is that provides access to free applications that you can use right from your browser online. Of course, it is not as powerful as Movavi Video Converter, but it can still process some small media files for you.

#3 – Convert to Video Files Online

It is a free universal media transcoder that perfectly integrates most of the popular audio/video codecs and tools into an all-in-one solution. Just like top open-source Android apps, it has a flexible and extensible architecture and converts digital media from one format to another by compressing files on the fly. On the homepage of, you will find multiple online applications that you can use to work with multimedia assets. All the operations are performed in the browser window, without the need for you to install third-party software on your pc. is effective in converting video files to various formats, with fast converting speed and excellent video quality. It can trim any segments, combine and sort them to create a creative clip. On top of that, can crop the frame size to remove any unwanted area from the video image. 

What to Choose?

All the above tools have proven to be the most convenient online video converters. They support a wide range of formats, process files fast, and do not require any installations. You can simply open the site of the converter right in the browser and convert videos for free. 

Everything is easy. However, when it comes to heavy files or high-res videos, you will need a powerful solution at hand. This is where Movavi Video Convertor comes in handy. There is a desktop version of this tool, which is specifically designed for large files and batch conversions. The program is quite powerful and uses smart algorithms to process the data. Feel free to test out the service – install a trial software pack of the convertor and use the tool with no charge until the end of your free 7-day trial.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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