Opera GX Mobile: Browser Designed For Gamers Now Available In Beta On Android And iOS

After exceeding nine million monthly active users on the desktop, Opera GX makes its entry into Android and iOS devices. Opera GX Mobile is the world’s first mobile browser designed specifically for gamers, now available in beta.

The success of the browser in its desktop version has led Opera to launch this version for mobile phones. Opera GX Mobile has a series of functions specifically geared towards gaming, making it the preferred browser for gamers.

Among the features that make it different from Chrome and other well-known browsers — some options to manage resources and performance in a precise way, for example, by setting limits on the use of processor, RAM and data traffic, so as not to impact on the gaming experience.

Opera GX Mobile allows users to enjoy personalized navigation with its functions. Among them, we find Fast Action Button (FAB) that has vibration and tactile effects. This feature allows you to quickly search, switch between open tabs, or send links to the desktop.

The browser also implemented a system for synchronization with the desktop counterpart by scanning a QR code, also useful for transferring files (with a maximum size of 10 MB) from one device to another. Furthermore, an ad-blocker for automatic ad blocking and protection against crypto miners are included.

Opera GX Mobile Theme

The company also claims that the design of the browser was inspired by gaming and equipment dedicated to gaming. And if you like to use a mobile browser with a unique design, then Opera GX Mobile allows you to choose from various “gaming” themes — GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze, and White Wolf.

Opera GX Mobile is currently available in beta for Android and iOS and is scheduled to be released in full to the public in the next few weeks.

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