Profit Generation Online With a Jobs Website

In a flawless combination of relatively low competition and high turnover, job board sites are currently one of the most popular money-making online websites to build. Few other types of websites are more profitable than job board sites, however, they are highly saturated with established giants taking up a huge portion of the market share.

E-commerce, business websites, and blogs are all saturated genres with very little room for entrance and even less for expansion. If you are new to the business of building websites, then a job board site is the perfect place to start.

What is the job board site?

A job board site is a website used by employers to advertise/publish their job vacancies as well as aiding employees in navigating the labor market space and applying for jobs. In other words, a job board site or employment website is an online labor market where employers and employees interact.

Is building a job board site profitable?

Yes. With few competitors and excellent profit margins, the building of a job board site is a profitable venture. Glassdoor one of the leading websites in the job board genre is worth more than $1.2 billion. That is a testament to the huge profitability and potential in building job board sites. Nevertheless, the existence of only a few big fish in the sea still leaves a lot of space for new entrants as a lot of niches are left untapped.

Job posting charges, premium package, membership fees, sponsored posts, etc. are some of the numerous means by which job board sites generate revenue.

How to create a job board site

Beyond coding and website building specific knowledge on how to create a job board website becomes necessary. Make sure your job board site is a real problem solver and connects employers with employees. Your job board site must be friendly to both sides of the market. This balance, however hard to achieve is the deciding factor between failure and success.

A detailed surf, through already established job board sites, would give you an insight into some of the key properties necessary to achieve success. Creating a successful job board site can be divided into two spheres.

  • Satisfying the employers.
  • Satisfying employees.

There is a wide range of features that you must add to your website to ensure that these two spheres are well balanced. Examples are employee profiles, dashboards, job searches, etc.

Despite user-friendliness, and useful features being the master key on how to create a job board website there are a lot of other aspects to be considered. Marketing, pricing, customer care, frequent updates, and security to name a few.


Creating a job board site isn’t a walk in the park, however, with the colossal number of websites filling every genre and niche, job board sites serve as one of the most fertile ground to plant. It is important to understand that building a job board site is the first step, but regular improvement and maintenance is the full journey. With careful execution and keen attention to details, your job board site should be successful.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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