Proxies: A Solution Marketing Agencies Can Benefit From

Social media has become a driving force in today’s world. It connects people across the globe and provides marketing opportunities to businesses. It’s rare to find someone without a social media account these days. It’s even rarer to find a company that doesn’t take advantage of the marketing benefits social media grants. 

However, just because social media has become the next best thing doesn’t mean everyone is equally good at it. That’s where marketing agencies step in, providing curated content for their clients.

Yet, the inherent struggle marketing agencies face when managing multiple accounts makes their job challenging. Proxies from providers like Smartproxy provide a solution to that struggle and make the job of a marketing manager much more effortless.

Running a Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies provide services where they manage their client’s social media platforms. It includes regular posts, keeping up with the trends, and creating new advertisements. Whether the business is small or large, using a marketing agency ensures you’ll have quality content on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

We know the struggle marketing agencies face when managing more than one social media account. It’s especially true if each account is run from one device or IP address. If you manage over five accounts from one IP address, chances are you’ll be regarded as a bot. It can result in an IP ban or frozen account. Proxies are a way to bypass that issue entirely.

Social Media Proxies

There are proxies for use on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media proxies are also called virgin residential proxies and offer better security against the risk of blocked accounts and other benefits. Unlike shared proxies, which other parties use, virgin proxies have never before connected to social media platforms. 

It’s a clean slate and ensures no other activity is flagged from that IP address. Further, some proxies are specifically geared towards a particular platform. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram proxies are examples of some you’re able to use and ensure the accounts you manage are safe on that platform. This is especially true for Instagram, which quickly bans an account they believe is run by a bot.

Benefits of Proxies

We’ve discussed the main benefit you enjoy when using proxies: disguising your IP address as another one. However, that’s not all the benefits that proxies provide. It minimizes the risk of conducting your business online, ensuring hackers can’t access your accounts, and better safeguards your identity. It’s overall an effective tool to ensure your online activities are safer.

Instagram Proxies

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms and has also become a great platform to market your business or products. Often, Instagram is the main platform a marketing manager has to run. Managers can quickly end up running more than 20 accounts at a time.

Marketing agencies have hundreds of clients. It means they run hundreds of Instagram accounts, with more than one account per client at times. This quickly leads to challenges as Instagram is fast to block accounts it believes are run by bots.

Banned IG Accounts

Instagram tracks the IP addresses of accounts. It tends to quickly ban multiple accounts or flag IP addresses that have too many accounts linked to it. Blocking accounts is Instagram’s way of trying to minimize spam accounts and stop scams aimed at its users. 

However, whether you’re a legitimate business with multiple accounts or an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter manager, it’s easy to get caught up in this and have your accounts blocked. Instagram proxies are a reliable way to ensure it’s no longer a problem.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

An Instagram proxy generates a new IP address linked to an actual location and device, ensuring you are seen as a real person on all your different accounts. Using a specific Instagram proxy also ensures it’s linked to a proper ISP (internet service provider) and looks like a regular residential IP address. This is the best way to prevent the accounts you’re managing from being blocked, as it looks like everyday residents are the owners. 

The Solution For Marketing Agencies

Proxies might not be the cure-all solution to the issue of multiple accounts becoming banned. However, it’s undoubtedly the best solution for marketing agencies. A proxy is an intermediary between the social media platform and the account manager. It lessens the chances of multiple accounts being blocked. 

As a social media manager with dozens, if not hundreds, of clients under your wing, it’s essential to deliver what the client wants consistently. If the accounts are being banned and flagged constantly, it’s impossible to provide outstanding service. Further, it lowers clients’ trust in the brand, as the account is taken down constantly. Proxies are a start to ensuring your accounts are safe and allow you to manage content effectively for multiple clients.

Vidhu Prathapan
Vidhu Prathapan
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