Qualcomm Takes Over The Chip Startup From Apple’s Ex-Chief Developer For $1.4 Billion

Qualcomm is taking over the chip startup Nuvia, which specializes in the development of ARM-based CPUs, for $1.4 billion.

Nuvia was only founded in spring 2019 by John Bruno, Manu Gulati and Gerard Williams III. Williams III was previously responsible for SoC development at Apple for ten years, one of the leading minds in this area in the industry. Manu Gulati, in turn, held the same position at Google, and John Bruno was also a leader in this area at Google.

Since then, the startup has raised almost $300 million. Nuvia is working on so-called data center CPUs. The ARM-based Phoenix architecture, for example, is said to be extremely powerful. Qualcomm has now incorporated the startup.

Qualcomm now wants to add Nuvia’s CPU know-how to the Snapdragon family, from which Samsung and all other partners should benefit. It has not been stated whether the previously announced high-end processor will still exist, but it is unlikely. Its technology is likely to be incorporated into other products.

As part of the takeover, Nuvia founders Williams, Manu Gulati, and John Bruno, as well as the other employees of the company, are to move to Qualcomm. 

Williams commented that the combination of Nuvia and Qualcomm will bring together the best talent, technology and resources in the industry. Together they will create a new class of powerful computing platforms that will set the bar for the industry, according to the former Apple developer.

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