Essential Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Dedicated Server Hosting

You opted for shared hosting when you started your small business to keep within a budget. Then, your requirements were not many that a VPS or shared hosting might do. Nevertheless, your website is growing, and you have to think about upgrading your hosting plan. There are better web hosting plans. What should you choose? If your website is performing well, you can anticipate an increase in traffic in the future. Investing in dedicated server hosting is an ideal choice. 

How do you benefit from choosing dedicated server hosting? A dedicated server helps your website handle heavy workloads based on the requirement. Upgrading to a single-tenant server offers high performance, reliability, security, and scalability. 

Get to know what is dedicated server hosting

With dedicated server hosting, your website gets a physical server for use all to itself. In a way, it does not have to share the server space with other websites. Also, it does not have to share the bandwidth, RAM, and disk space with others. Being independent, your business can optimize the server based on your requirement. You can find a reliable web hosting provider offering the most advanced hardware and technical support for high performance. 

When it comes to dedicated servers, you can choose between managed and unmanaged servers. Opting for managed hosting allows the service provider to take care of the management of servers and system software and hardware every day. For instance, the hosting company is responsible for the setup and configuration of software and hardware, system maintenance, monitoring, patch management, updates, and technical support. 

With unmanaged hosting, you are responsible for managing everything from setting up and controlling the server to maintenance. Here you can optimise the server to suit your requirements.   

What makes you choose a dedicated hosting plan?

You find traffic increasing on your website, and your business is fast growing. Shifting to dedicated hosting is the best at this time. You can enjoy better system resources, impressive features, and great controls through a dedicated hosting plan. Here are some essential reasons to choose dedicated hosting.

1. Your website experiences heavy traffic

When you find an increasing number of people visiting your website or online store, it’s time that you invest in a dedicated server. You can also decide on the type of server management level you want. A reliable hosting provider offers you self-managed, managed, and managed pro levels for your convenience. 

Using shared hosting will affect your website’s performance when traffic spikes. A high volume of traffic can cause your server to run out of space, and it will crash leading to site downtime. You need a proper resolution to handle sudden traffic spikes and avoid revenue loss.  

2. You want to improve the page loading time

Your website slows down due to a lack of resources, and it will have a considerable impact on the performance of your website. Slow page-loading time can cause high bounce rates and low engagement metrics. With a dedicated server, you can optimize the loading times for better results. 

3. Your fast-growing website needs advanced security

When your website is fast-growing, it may have to handle a lot of sensitive information. Security is critical to have customers visiting your website again. A dedicated hosting service can offer advanced security to your website. Your online store will have customers typing in sensitive information, like their login credentials, contact details, credit or debit card details, and confidential documents or emails. You need to protect such information from hackers using advanced security measures.

Most hosting companies provide Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) protection with managed server hosting plans to protect your website from downtime. Further, the plan also offers complete maintenance of the server to prevent any loss of data through malware attacks. 

4. You want to have rapid scalability

You can easily shift between a larger and smaller dedicated server space seamlessly with a dedicated server. It saves you from moving files, reconfiguring applications, and editing DNS. 

In conclusion, you can move to a dedicated server if your website cannot handle the increase in traffic.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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