Skype Now Hides IP Address By Default In PC And Mobile

With new update Skype will now hides IP address by default in PC and mobile. This measure will help prevent individuals from obtaining a Skype ID and resolving to an IP address. This was the feature that was requested by many users – especially gamers.

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LogBook : Skype Now Hides IP Address By Default

Microsoft has announced that the skpe will now hides IP address of users by default.

The latest change is very significant that will benefit Skype gamers playing online. Gamers sometimes struggle to prevent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks as rivals can look at their Skype ID, find the IP address via resolver service and attack the IP address with traffic so that the gamer is thrown offline.

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“Skype is fully committed to delivering as safe and secure of an experience as possible to our customers. We have recently introduced the ability to hide a Skype user’s IP address and we’ve set this as a default status in the latest versions of Skype,” says Skype. “Starting with this update to Skype and moving forward, your IP address will be kept hidden from Skype users. This measure will help prevent individuals from obtaining a Skype ID and resolving to an IP address.”

The problem did not affect only gamers. However, gamers were the most targeted group of attacks. The latest update will definitely help many users, but gamers will appreciate the change in particular.

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