Why Smart Cloud Manufacturing Systems Reshape the Automotive Industry

Cloud technologies do not cease to cover new business areas, conquering markets and strengthening positions in various fields. It is difficult to find an industry that is not friendly to the cloud approach. Let’s take, for example, automotive manufacturing: in this field, the cloud solves a tremendous number of different tasks.

Which ones? Experts from a cloud solutions provider are ready to share them in this article.

Major Benefits of Smart Cloud Solutions for Auto Manufacturers

Smart cloud computing is the future of any production. For this reason, large IT companies actively invest in and develop innovative products for businesses, including automakers. For example, SAP provides Digital Manufacturing Cloud solutions, which ensure manufacturing performance optimization, while Oracle introduced Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which also helps manufacturers work in the cloud.

What value can these and other cloud solutions bring to the automotive company? Let’s look at the major benefits.

Smart IoT factory

The factory is now becoming more and more like an IoT and AI-driven universe, where manual tasks have been replaced by machines that are all connected. Each connected device generates a large amount of data that needs to be collected and processed in time.

Intelligent Cloud helps extract the needed data and provides valuable insights, allowing you to foresee malfunctions, adjust production plans, and prevent expensive downtimes.

East data integration and management

Cloud computing helps not only to receive and process data but also allows you to carry out all the necessary manipulations with data. Want to download data in any format from other third-party systems? Do you want to perform complex tasks based on big data? Want to have your data under reliable protection? Cloud solutions are already able to satisfy all your data-related needs.

The best environment for complex computing

When developing a new product, especially one as complex as a vehicle, it is essential to thoroughly do all the important calculations. A large amount of storage with high bandwidth and scalability, a variety of tools for large computing with ultra-low latency 一 smart clouds are ready to provide an environment for complex computing, which will help increase the speed and efficiency of all car manufacturing processes, from product design to car production.

Lower IT costs

Some people claim that cloud solutions are expensive. But the thing is that the opportunities that the smart cloud provides outweigh any investments in it in the long run. Cloud services can reduce IT resource costs while increasing performance. 

Automobile Manufacturing Cloud: Use Cases

Popular automobile manufacturing companies have long been enjoying the cloud or are planning to implement the technology in the near future.

Tata Motors

Thus, Tata Motors, India’s largest automaker, which bought Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford, uses the cloud as its technological basis.

The cloud helps the company cope with the lack of resources (this is an issue the automaker has faced for a long time). Representatives of the company claim that thanks to cloud technologies, it became possible to experiment and develop new plans and not worry about the lack of resources. In addition, the cloud reduces the cost of implementing new projects.


BMW was one of the first companies that turned to cloud computing. It created a secure, centralized Cloud Data Hub on AWS that collects anonymous data from vehicles and other sources across the company. Internal teams access the hub and use the data to create new driver experiences, such as driving assistance and collision avoidance technologies.

In a Nutshell

Cloud drives digital transformation across the automotive industry, helping to solve its current challenges by accelerating new product launches, automating manufacturing processes, collecting data and analyzing it.

Adopt the cloud to improve your enterprise’s competitiveness, reduce costs, and empower your customers. However, turn to a trusted technology partner to get the best return on investment.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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