Do You Want To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone, Then First Uninstall Official Facebook App

Do You Want To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone, Then First Uninstall Official Facebook App

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Most of us are using official Facebook App to connect with our loved ones through smartphone. But bad news is it sucks battery life, eating up more RAM and more. In fact, Android Central recently noticed that an end user could improve the Android experience pretty drastically by simply uninstalling the app.

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LogBook : Uninstall Official Facebook App To Speed Up Your Smartphone

According to Android Central, simply uninstalling official Facebook App can speed up your smartphone.

Reddit user “pbrandes_eth” has run some tests that point to just having the Facebook app as slowing down their device.

“Pbrandes_eth” open 15 different apps on an LG G4 were started 3 times in a row , ranging from Kindle to Gmail, and timed how long it took to execute each task with Facebook installed, and again with it uninstalled.

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First Uninstall Official Facebook App

The end result  found that it took an average of 7 seconds to open the apps with Facebook and Facebook Messenger installed on the system.

And after removing Facebook and Facebook Messenger Apps from system it took under 6 seconds to complete the same tasks.

6 seconds might not seem like much all things considered, but it actually shows a 15 percent increase in speed, all because the user removed two apps.

Many users claim that the app even runs when their device is not connected to any data source.

According to some users, Facebook-owned app  WhatsApp also have the same issue, to a more minor degree.

Facebook is not the only culprit to slow down your device, their may be many more Apps in this category.

Best alternative for official Facebook App is Facebook Lite, a low data usage app from Facebook or you can use any mobile web browser to access Facebook.

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