How Technology Is Impacting The Automotive Industry

We’ve always depended on technology to help improve our way of life. There are many modern conveniences that we would not be enjoying without technological developments. The automotive industry is no exception. After all, cars are some of the best examples of our technological prowess.

But there is a buzz in the air. We are about to make a leap in technology in the form of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. These two pieces of technology are bound to change the way we live. So, how will technology shape the landscape of the automotive industry?

Predictive Vehicle Technology

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning have a vital role to play in the automotive industry when it comes to learning a user’s behavioral patterns in order to improve a user’s driving experience. This can also help make a vehicle’s safety features more effective by making more accurate predictions on an imminent accident. This technology can also be used to operate a vehicle’s various functions.

Self-Driving Cars

While there is a lot of debate over self-driving cars and if it’s alright to completely entrust our lives to computers, there is a gray area that allows us to use self-driving cars to assist rather than replace human drivers. This could mean that a self-driving car can help a beginner learn how to drive properly and safely, or it can help a disabled person drive better by handling those aspects of driving that the person cannot handle himself.

The Internet Of Things And CAAS

Cars as a service (CAAS) functions like your typical ride-hailing app, except that the cars are fully autonomous. These cars will be able to operate within safe parameters through their connection to the Internet of Things, where all the cars that are connected to the network will be able to detect each other and adjust accordingly in order to not only avoid accidents but to also ensure that traffic will be flowing as efficiently as possible.

Consider the convenience of being able to operate your car through your smartphone, and how you could also control other devices as long as they are connected to the same network. You could potentially prep dinner with the smart appliances in your home while you’re driving from work.

Greener Cars

Electric vehicle technology allows cars to use a different mode of power in order to function. By using electricity as a power source, hybrids and electric cars lessen the need for fossil fuels, thereby preserving these valuable resources. And while there are indeed limitations to current iterations, there are many companies that specialize in the production of green cars, which means that the technology will only keep getting better.

Not only does technology influence what functions are built into cars, but it also impacts how they’re designed. There is a recurring design trend in most modern cars, whether it’s the aggressive details, a more aerodynamic frame, or even how the interiors are becoming more and more minimal. It’s these design elements that companies like XK Glow try to take into consideration when designing their products. Still, the biggest effect of technology on the auto industry will be, first and foremost, for the safety of all road users.

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