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Little by little, Clubhouse is achieving unprecedented success — tech giants like Twitter and Facebook are busy integrating their own Clubhouse alternative to their platform.

According to WABetaInfo, Telegram will implement audio rooms for its channels. Yes, the same feature that Instagram was working on recently, which was planning to bring chat rooms to its Instagram Live Rooms.

Telegram offers a group limit of 200,000, much more than any other messenger app in the market. As we see in the screenshots, the administrators of the channels will be able to create audio rooms similar to those of the Clubhouse. The operation is extremely simple — the user will simply have to go to the description of their channel, click on the options and start the chat.

WABetaInfo hardly gives any data beyond showing how these audio rooms can be started through the Telegram application because they are not yet available. It is not known when they will arrive.

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