Spaces: Twitter Expands Clubhouse Alternative To Android Users

Twitter Spaces — Clubhouse Alternative — makes its entry into the Android version of the app. This feature allows you to have voice chats with others in closed spaces.

Twitter announced Spaces last December, a feature to be able to attend rooms with audio chats very similar to Clubhouse. A feature that, for now, is in beta without an exact official release date. Twitter originally introduced an initial beta version of Spaces for iOS users only in January. Over the next few days, Android users will be able to enjoy this function in the beta of the social network.

When opening the app, you will have to look at the purple aura on the Fleets line and press to join then. It also provides an additional way to join a conversation, which is through a link that someone shares with you, either in a private message or in a tweet. Within Twitter Spaces, Android users will be able to use emojis to send reactions, as well as view subtitles or receive invitations to be able to speak in a specific space. 

But Spaces does not specify how many Android users will have access to Spaces. According to The Verge, a Twitter spokesperson assured that Spaces would reach all users “soon,” both Android and iOS. 

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