VLC Video Player Now Supports NVIDIA’s RTX Video Super Resolution

NVIDIA GeForce 3000 and 4000 Series graphics card owners can now take advantage of the RTX Video Super Resolution technology when using the popular media player VLC. 

This feature allows users to offline upscale videos in their video library. This means that old 1080p videos can now be enjoyed in 4K quality, giving users a better viewing experience.

Previously, users could only use RTX Video Super Resolution technology to upload videos to streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, and Netflix via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. However, with the release of the new version of VLC, users can now take advantage of the technology offline.

NVIDIA announced that the new VLC 3.0.19 RTX beta is now available for download from the media player’s official website. Users can download and install it to enjoy their favourite videos in high resolution.

In addition, NVIDIA is also collaborating with YouTube and OBS to allow live streamers to use AV1-encoded videos. This collaboration will enable streamers to go live at 4K and 60fps if their PC has a GeForce RTX 4000 GPU.

The AV1 encoding technology will provide higher-quality video streams with fewer data usage, reducing buffering and lag during live streams. This feature will be available in beta with OBS 29.1 and fully released to OBS and YouTube soon.

The introduction of RTX Video Super-Resolution and AV1 encoding technology will greatly improve the quality of video playback, whether offline or during live streaming. Users can now enjoy their favourite high-quality videos, and streamers can provide better viewing experiences for their audiences.

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