What Is The Best Android Data Recovery Software In 2021?

Most of us use phones every minute, and phones have become part of our daily must-haves. Whether you are taking pictures, editing and saving documents, calendars, shopping lists, to-do lists, or just taking in some music and movies from a friend, it is majorly done on the phone. 

However, the phones are very susceptible to damage and data loss and are a big headache, especially when data is lost from them, and you have to start over from scratch. Fortunately, you can still turn to the Android data recovery software to restore lost data.

There are several data recovery software you can use to retrieve lost files and folders in your Android phone. However, they differ in terms of many factors such as user interface, recovery process, among other factors. In this article, we look at the best Android Data Recovery software in 2021. But first, let’s look at the evaluation criteria.

Evaluation Criteria 

To ensure we give you only the best, look at the evaluation criteria used by our software reviewers to qualify the best data recovery software for Android we are about to discuss. 

  1. Recovery process: The recovery process is a significant consideration in the ranking as some apps will take much longer to process the recovery data than others. 
  2. Free photo and video recovery: some apps charge premiums for recovering photos and videos. It would help if you had software you could use for free on your Android phone to decrease your overall data management costs.
  3. Mac user option: Does the app include options for Mac users? We consider this to ensure the app you are using is all-inclusive and comes with data recovery tools for macOS too.
  4. User Interface: Getting a good user experience is critical if you want to quickly get back your lost data. That is why you need data recovery software that offers seamless navigation. 
  5. SIM card recovery: The best Android data recovery software should offer SIM card recovery for lost contacts, SMSs, etc.
  6. Customer support: Finally, you need relentless customer support from the best recovery app to ensure you are not stranded at any stage of recovering files from your Android. 

Follow this link to access a complete list of reliable Android data recovery software. This list has been evaluated using the criteria above.

So, What Is The Best Android Data Recovery Software? 

Disk Drill 4 Android Data Recovery

Disk Drill by CleverFiles is the best Android data recovery software to look for when you lose files or folders from your Android phone. It works on Mac OS X to recovery data from SD cards and internal memory. While it makes the recovery process seamless, deep scan features make it easier to search through older files and recover all the lost data types.

The deep scan feature will deeply and entirely examine your phone’s memory to unearth all the files that have been deleted accidentally. Besides, it will also search your SIM card to retrieve lost contacts and SMSs. 

User Experience

Like other Android data recovery software, users must have a rooted phone to function adequately. The software is so versatile and can recover files from a phone that has been factory reset.  

With a rooted device, the software recovers files that would have otherwise gone for good. Besides, it is not limited to photos and videos. 

Disk Drill offers a free option for users who need to try and verify the recoverability of the lost data on their handsets before investing in the paid version. 

Key Features 

  • A good UI that makes photo recovery just a few clicks
  • Advanced scanning algorithms 
  • It is compatible with various storage devices from SanDisk, Samsung SD, Micro SD to SDHC, and CF.
  • Quick scanning and file recovery from virus
  • Deep scan to locate and reconstruct deleted files 
  • It can read a wide range of uncommon file types such as NTFS, FAT32 among many other file types.


  • Recovers all types of files and folders
  • Works for failed system upgrades
  • High success rate
  • Recover files after factory reset
  • Recover files from interrupted file transfers
  • Verifies recovery chances with “Preview.”


The software will only recover deleted files on Mac.

Rakesh Babu
Rakesh Babu
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