WhatsApp Will Soon Allow You To Send Any Photo As A Sticker

WhatsApp stickers are one of the tremendously popular features in the application, and many users create custom stickers with the help of third-party apps. However, soon WhatsApp will allow you to send images directly as stickers instead of depending on other apps.

As reported by WABetaInfo, the future new beta of WhatsApp Desktop (the desktop version of the application for Mac and Windows) will add the option to convert the photos we send into stickers. Directly, in such a way that instead of being sent as a photograph, we will send it as a sticker.

This greatly facilitates the process of sending a ‘meme’ or a joke, since in general, we will have said content saved in the form of images. In this way, we will have the ability to send them directly as stickers without depending on third-party applications and speeding up everything.

This new function reaches one of the first betas of the desktop application. The process is very simple. When sending an image, a button will appear above it to send it directly as a sticker. And it is that in this way, the image will become an independent sticker and not a multimedia file, having a smaller size.

WhatsApp Send Any Photo As A Sticker

It should be noted that the function, for now, is exclusive to the PC version of WhatsApp. Also, as it is in development, it has not yet reached beta versions, although that could happen soon.

Recently WhatsApp has introduced end-to-end encryption on backups and also working on implementing transcribing voice messages.

Avinash A
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