Android 13 Hasn’t Been Released Yet, But Google Already Has A Codename For Android 14

As Android 13 is currently in its early developer preview phase, Google has just revealed the official codename for Android 14 to show that it is already working on its development. The operating system of 2023 will be called internally “Upside Down Cake.”

Google is officially clarifying the codename of Android U in some recent notes added to AOSP (discovered by 9to5Google). Recall that Android 13 is called Tiramisu inside Google, and Android 12 is Snow Cone.

Android 14 Upside Down Cake

The reason why the big G has used this cake is that it starts with the letter U, and it seems that it has not been easy to find a name for a dessert starting with this letter.

There is currently no information available about Android 14, yet the introduction of the codename suggests that work on the platform has already begun at Google. However, we are unlikely to hear anything official about this until at least 2023.

In terms of what we’d like to see in Android 14, it’s difficult to see how Android and iOS can improve on what we already have. Android 13 will offer minor updates to phone customization choices and eSIM support, but they are unlikely to impact the way you use your phone.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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