The Best Tricks for Aiming in PC FPS Games

Frustration is a feeling that strikes every gamer once they miss a headshot. Without a doubt, you’ve pulled out your best strategies to deal with the enemy a headshot but missed it. Here’s the good news for you. 

All enemies in all FPS games have a weak point. Discover it, aim, and fire. It will weaken the enemy and give you a chance to give a precise headshot. 

The Best Tricks for Aiming in PC FPS Games

If you’re a newbie to computer FPS games, we advise you to visit to understand the basics of FPS games. Meanwhile, tag along for the best tricks to make the most of your FPS gaming experience.

Master your Aiming Skills

Before launching an online fight, you should perfect your aiming skills offline. Practice makes you perfect. You should practice how to aim and fire, aim while sprinting, aim while taking cover, and more. You’ll develop more expertise to play well in FPS battles as you keep practicing.

One of the best ways to master your aiming skills is by playing custom/offline modes with a friend or bots. That way, mastering your skills to aim in an FPS game becomes easier. 

Aim at Enemy Weak Point

When playing in an FPS game, monitor enemies’ health when you shoot at them. Identify which part of their body was shot and their health bar reduced drastically. If you can find it, then you have their weak points. 

The weak point of most enemies will be their neck or hip. So, aim at that point and fire to reduce the enemy’s life and weaken him. You can now take your shot.

Optimize the Sensitivity of Your Controller

A higher sensitivity allows you to make swift turns in the gameplay, while a lower sensitivity would provide you with accuracy and precision when locking onto a target. To optimize your sensitivity setting, keep changing between the sensitivity tab until you find a perfect spot that gives you what you want.

Whether you’re using a mouse or a gamepad, you need to optimize the sensitivity settings so your camera movement won’t be too fast or too slow. Rather it will be appropriate and fast enough to give you a perfect aim. 

Don’t Shoot and Sprint in your game

Just like how a recoil behaves, shooting as you sprint will affect your aim. Many bullets will fail to take out the target due to the BSM enabled (Bullet Spread Mechanism). Although sprinting helps you cover more ground, try to reduce the times you do that in your FPS games.

Alternatively, you can do the crouching trick to make your aim more precise and accurate. The difference between crouching while shooting and sprinting while shooting is obvious. Crouching makes a player move less and spread fewer bullets, while sprinting makes a player move more and spread more bullets without accuracy.

Get the best mouse and mousepad

You can get the best mouse and mousepad to enjoy perfect aims in your FPS gameplay. Since the friction between the mousepad and the mouse affects your aim, you may need to get something freer for your mouse to move on.

You can choose hybrid mousepads, hard surface mousepads, or cloth mousepads. These three are the best for FPS gamers. The material used to make these mouse pads will allow your mouse to move freely (and improve your aim).

Make use of your Forearm

Using only your wrist when aiming can affect your precision. Moving your entire forearm when aiming or looking around in FPS computer games is better. Not only will it save you from wrist sprain, but it will also make you experience an easier aiming technique.

Make sure you’re sitting on a comfy seat and a laptop table so your arms can hang freely and play the game. 

Engage in Aim Trainers

In many FPS computer games, you can find game modes that allow you to practice a specific skill over time. Like the Penalty Kick mode in Soccer games, PC FPS games come with Aim Trainers where you can practice your aims with AI-driven bots, targets, or both.

By engaging in the aim trainer mode, you can develop a new level of response time. You will be fast in looking around and make the most of your aiming skills.


Improving your aim in PC FPS games can be time-consuming. However, you can speed things up with these tricks. What’s more! Play aim trainers, move your mouse with your whole arm, and ensure you get the best gaming accessories. 

You don’t want your mousepad to hinder your movement. So, get the best, and don’t forget to always practice!

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