Brave Search Drops Microsoft Bing Index and Develops Own Search Engine

Brave, a privacy-focused web browser and search engine, recently announced that it would no longer use the Microsoft Bing index as a search source. The decision comes as Brave seeks to distance itself from third-party information use and concerns about the future of the Bing Search API. Brave will now exclusively use its own index for search results.

Brave has emphasized the importance of privacy for its users and has developed its own search engine to provide more control over search results. Prior to the decision to move away from Bing, Brave Search only generated 7% of responses from Bing results. However, Brave’s concerns about the future of Bing’s Search API and its desire to be completely independent led to the decision to rely solely on its own index.

Brave’s search engine has experienced rapid growth, with an average of 22 million daily queries. The company’s ambitions have also led to the developing of its own Brave Search API and a new Summarizer AI search.

Users who do not find enough results from Brave can opt to mix backup Google search results into their queries. Participating in Brave’s Web Discovery Project can also help build Brave’s index and rankings using the Goggles tool.

Brave’s decision to exclusively use its index for search results aligns with its commitment to providing a more privacy-conscious search engine. Moving away from Bing’s Search API also indicates Brave’s desire to be fully independent and control its own information use. With rapid growth and ongoing development, Brave Search is poised to become a significant player in the search engine market.

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