Brave Search Introduces New AI-Based Summarizer Feature to Compete with Google and Bing

Brave Browser, the privacy-conscious web browser, has taken a major step forward in competing with Google and Bing by launching its search engine, Brave Search, which has now been updated with a new AI-based feature called “Summarizer.” 

This tool pulls data from search results and uses a Large Language Model to provide coherent and accurate answers to queries in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

One of the key advantages of Brave Search over other search engines is that it is designed to respect the original authorship of content. The UI quotes links are used in answers in the summarizer section, allowing users to click on them to learn more about the results. This ensures that information is properly attributed and helps to mitigate authority bias in large-scale language models.

Brave Search Summarizer

The new Summarizer feature is particularly useful because it summarises search results at the top of the page. This saves users time and effort by quickly providing them with the most relevant information they need. Additionally, the bolded text appears within the snippet of the results related to the query.

However, Brave is also aware of the risks associated with AI-generated content and warns users that it is still possible to receive false information. In response, the company has allowed users to turn off the Summarizer feature on the Brave Search settings page.

Brave Search is integrated into the Brave Browser, but it can also be used as a standalone search engine by visiting the website from any web browser. 

In conclusion, adding the Summarizer feature to Brave Search is a significant improvement that enhances the usability and accuracy of the search engine. By respecting original authorship and providing up-to-date information, Brave Search offers a compelling alternative to other search engines often criticized for lacking privacy and reliability.

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