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play hidden built-in Google games

How to play hidden built-in Google games available on your Android smartphone

How many of you know there are some hidden built-in Google games buried somewhere there on your Android smartphone and the interesting thing is all these games are available for offline and perfect time...
Chrome Sharing Hub

Chrome Sharing Hub: How To Activate The New Chrome Share Menu In The Omnibox...

Google Chrome has been testing its new sharing menu in the Canary version of the browser. And with Chrome 94, Google has deployed the new sharing feature, Chrome Sharing Hub, in the omnibox for...
iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

How to Change Default iPhone Ringtone

If you are an iPhone user for a long time, there comes a time when you are tired of the default iPhone ringtone and want to personalize your phone by setting your favorite song...
Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone

How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android To iPhone Without Computer

Are you thinking of switching from Android to iPhone, or if you have recently become a proud of an iPhone, you may have a big problem before you — transferring WhatsApp chats from Android.WhatsApp...
Best Android Hacks And Tweaks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone

16 Best Android Tweaks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone (Updated 2021)

Rooting our smartphone is the first thing that came to our mind when we plan to implement some best Android tweaks and hacks.Rooting Android smartphone gives us extra administrative privileges to tweak Android smartphone. Mostly we...
iPhone stories and news

Hidden iPhone Tricks That Will Change The Way You Use iOS

If you think you know everything about your gadget, we are ready to check it out with you. Read in this article what hidden features your iPhone can surprise you with.Every day, iPhone owners...
Best Tools To Improve Your Programming And Coding Skills

Write Your First Program, “Hello World” In 25 Different Famous Programming Languages

"Hello World !" — First program every programmers writes when he/she start to learn any programming language."Hello World !" is considered to be the one of the simplest piece of programs possible in almost...
play hidden Surf game in Microsoft Edge

How to play hidden Surf game in Microsoft Edge

Recently Microsoft has rolled out the new Chromium-based Edge browser for Windows 10 users via Windows update.The brand new Microsoft Edge is really attracting the attention of many users has become a great alternative...