Why Choosing A Good Host For Your Website Is Important

Your website is a key marketing tool. In building your website, it is best that you are well aware of which type of build suits your business needs, and this includes knowing which website host to get. Hosting is an integral part of your website, as it acts as the site’s backbone and stores the data that will be shown on your website whenever someone accesses it. Whenever a person would access your website, it then connects to the host to locate the information that answers a query, and the data will be communicated to your website, which will be displayed on the page. An unreliable host means a sloppy site for you.

If you’re new in the digital world and had just transitioned your business, there’s no need to fret as there are resources available online in the form of videos and articles that can help you understand the basic concepts of web hosting. There are also reviews about the best web hosts that you can check out, such as the one found in makeawebsitehub.com. There are also online communities and forums that can answer some of your questions.

As a start, however, here are some basic information about hosting and reasons why your site must be on a good host:

Types of Web Hosting:

  • Shared hosting – The server or host is being shared by two or more websites that may be owned by others.
  • Cloud hosting or virtual server – This is composed of many servers that store a website’s files. If one server fails, some backups support the website data, so it is unlikely to experience downtime.
  • Dedicated hosting or server – This is an allocated server for one website only. No other sites are sharing with this. There’s more control on the owner’s end.

Importance of Choosing a Good Host

1. There will be minimal to zero downtime

A reliable hosting provider with a proven track record can guarantee you 99.9% of no downtime. If there will be a quick downtime, it has to be scheduled for general maintenance purposes. It is crucial that your website is up almost all the time for your customers to always have access to it whenever there is a need for them too.

2. You can rely on 24/7 support

Major hosting providers do not only promise a reliable and fast hosting service, but also round-the-clock customer service support. They acknowledge that they are in the business where people use it 24/7.

In addition, a good hosting company like this one VPS Hosting in Pakistan makes sure that the quality of support their clients get is an excellent one. They require their specialists to be friendly and efficient. Clients can expect a timely resolution of their concerns.

3. In preparation for your website’s future expansion

To cater to the traffic increase brought about by your business growth, your hosting company must have the capability to scale and upgrade your hosting seamlessly to provide your needs, especially if you are considering to expand your site’s features. For a business, the flexibility and the response time of your hosting provider to attend to your needs is very crucial, as lost time can mean lost money. You definitely aim to grow your business, so it’s better to consider plans even at an early stage.

4. To avoid loss of potential clients

If you get your hosting services from an unreliable provider, chances are your site may encounter frequent downtimes. Every minute that your website is not accessible means wasted potential clients. Each client could have meant more revenue for you, but because of the downtime, they weren’t able to reach you by the time they initiated contact.

Since you’ll be getting your hosting from a reliable hosting provider, the scene is entirely different: each visitor will have the chance to view your offers efficiently. As a result, some of them may be converted into sales. Aside from that, if their experience on the site is great, then they will eventually become loyal customers.

5. SEO ranking will not be negatively impacted

Every time your site is not accessible and a user searches for it, search engine crawl bots will look for your website. During the crawl, when the bot can’t find your website, it will negatively impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking. When a bot would find your site every time someone searches for something on Google, your page visit increases, thus affecting your site authority and, in turn, your site ranking on search results. If your website is down when the bot searches for relevant sites that would answer the user’s query, that’s a diminish on your page accessibility, thus affecting your ranking.

Your SEO ranking is safe and will be improved if your website has a good hosting provider as it will experience very minimal downtime. The bot will take note of your website as a reliable one.

6. You can rely on them in securing your website

There is no such thing as a completely hack-proof website. Even the websites of the biggest corporations get hacked. However, you can be confident that a good host will back up all your files. Once you encounter issues on your website, you can expect that data can be restored from their end.


Above are the reasons why a good host is essential to your website. There are many available providers that offer good hosting. Take some time to do some research and always keep in mind that price shouldn’t be your main deciding factor. Compare prices but do not forget the points mentioned. Customer support, reliability, and flexibility must be among the top deciding factors for you.

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