Over 90 Early Footage Videos Of GTA 6 Gameplay Leaked Online

You may be witnessing a historical dump of media that has surfaced online, containing hours of leaked footage from the pre-release build of the first GTA 6. 

Until now next entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise remains shrouded in mystery, and beyond the brief confirmation from Rockstar Games, we know next to nothing about the project. The title, informally known as GTA 6, is their first mainline game since 2013’s GTA V, which has hit record sales of 170 million.

Now, with over 90 videos leaked, the game’s early iterations of its engine, planned settings and gameplay were showcased.

The leaked footage closely matches what Bloomberg reported in July, as part of the game’s first female lead detective duo. The story is set to take inspiration from the infamous Bonnie and Clyde and reportedly also aims to retain the humorous themes of the franchise while creating a more overarching tone.

The alleged GTA VI footage was posted by GTA Forums user teapotuberhacker, posting various snippets of the game from what appears to be an early development build — featuring two main characters, including a Latina woman named Lucia. The build also hints at a Vice City setting that hints at the return of a Miami-inspired locale from 2002’s GTA Vice City.

Over 90 videos have been leaked highlighting the heists, NPC interactions, vehicles, and other aspects of the vast playground. The footage looks like it is from older builds, implying that production is happening alongside current GTA V content upgrades.

This is a historic leak from a very tight-lipped developer and our first look at one of the decade’s most anticipated games. Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive has high hopes for GTA 6. Most of the videos were taken off the internet by Rockstar games, but only a few remain.

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