Say Happy Birthday to World’s First Website, it’s now 25 years old

On December 20, 1990, British scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee hosted the first website in the world on his NeXT computer at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Today marks its 25th anniversary. The page which was basically an explanation of how hypertext worked went public little over 8 months later in August 1991.

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After inventing the World Wide Web in 1989 as a way for institutes around the globe to share information, Berners-Lee launched the first website with a description of how to set up a server and how to access content shared by others. However, it’s safe to say that this plain page laid the groundwork for much of the internet as you know it — even now, you probably know one or two people who still think the web is the internet.

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World's First Website
First Website Screenshot

The Web has evolved greatly since then, with powerful apps, services and limitless sources of information about any topic you can think of. It’s fascinating to look at the humble beginnings of the internet as we know it and see how far we’ve come.

CERN still has the original server that hosted Berners-Lee’s first online creation; in 2013, it reinstated the site to its original address.

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So why are you waiting for, say happy birthday to the first website in comments and also don’t forget to browse the first website !

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