How to Keep You and Your Family Safe Online in 2022

The internet is a constantly evolving thing. Whether we think about the new uses we get out of it, such as video calls, or the new places we find it, such as in our children’s pockets, we can see how the internet is expanding all the time. With this expansion, we also need to keep our defenses up in new ways. Every year brings new opportunities, and the challenges that come with them. Here are some top tips for keeping you and your family safe online in 2022.

Keep an Eye on Social Media

Social media is a whole new arena that did not exist just a few years ago. Our young ones pass hours everyday on these apps, liking images, posting selfies, and sending and receiving direct messages. If we are not careful, it can be a zone completely out of view of parental control.

Recently, the NYTimes had a debate on controlling the threats of social media. These threats can be pretty intense, and the staff’s suggestions include enforcing existing laws online, and better coordination between victims, police, and tech. These were mainly social solutions.

While working on this, you can also download some apps that can give you access to the direct messages within your child’s social media apps. This is a good way to catch things before they get out of hand. Also, try to be social media savvy. Know what they can hide from the public and what is visible to you and others. Also, check out if your child has a second account on the apps. 

Only Use Safe Sites

Did you know just visiting some sites can automatically download certain types of spyware onto your computer? This is how they keep track of all your data, where you go, how old you are, and more. You really have to be careful about which sites you visit. If you are not sure which ones are secure, it is a good idea to read expert site reviews.

For instance, if you like online gambling, VegasSlotsOnline has reviewed the best online gambling sites available in Canada. Not only do they review these online casinos based on legality and trust, but also mobile compatibility. After reviewing more than 1,200, you can trust the free online slots you find on this page. 

This is especially important for their mobile reviews. Visiting sites on our mobile phones can be especially dangerous, as they can also track our movement if you visit the wrong one. But do not worry! If you stick to sites that have been vetted like these, that is the more important thing you can do to keep safe while you browse the web! 

Keep Your Software Up To Date

We are all familiar with the small pop-ups asking us to install the latest update. Whether it is for a specific app, or the operating system itself, we tend to ignore them. They seem like annoyances that do not change anything. In reality, they are normally there to keep you safe. 

Many times these updates are released because they have discovered a bug in the system or a potential weak spot in its security. It is a good idea to always keep your software up to date, as this will keep your security up to date as well. It is a small thing you can do that can really make a big difference! 

Check Out a Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are programs that essentially reroute your internet. You can choose to redirect your internet so that it comes from another country, for example. Many people use this to access different Netflix catalogs. But, if you want to use it to protect your privacy online, you will have some specific considerations to look out for.

TechLog360 recently reviewed the twelve best free Android VPNs. You can install them on your smartphone or on your computer. It is great that there are so many free options that can protect your privacy. Something important to look for in a VPN for privacy is that it also encrypts your internet. This basically means that it scrambles the data so no one can read it.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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