How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

Getting access to someone’s messages in WhatsApp can be a surefire way to ensure your personal safety and protect your kin, put an end to lasting anxiety or discover facts that will give you a different perspective on your ongoing relationship. In this article, we’re exploring the spying options available on PC and mobile platforms, including some widely known methods and the more obscure ones.

Reasons to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

Be it family issues or problems at work, being able to take a peek into private messages of another person will give you a unique opportunity to make a timely and informed decision.

Family Security

While it is unlikely that your child is an active WhatsApp user and probably prefers Instagram or TikTok over it, you will see that some of the spy apps reviewed here can prove of great help when it comes to gentle supervision and negation of the risk factors omnipresent on the Internet.

Business Matters

Nothing harms an enterprise as much as unreliable staff, and a prudent manager could use the tools provided by spy apps and other means of monitoring employee WhatsApp conversations. This allows for an unprecedented level of control and the ability to nip irresponsible behavior in the bud.

Infidelity Suspicions

If the warning signs in your current relationship have become too obvious to condone, it’s time to gain control over the matter. A brief look at your partner’s messages can potentially save you years of gnawing disquiet and undisclosed tension.

Proven Methods to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

We refrain from featuring any experimental techniques and tools, the efficiency of which we couldn’t ascertain ourselves. The methods you’ll see below, while not without their caveats, are all provably functional in 2023.

Access Their Account from PC

You can’t expect to remain in possession of someone’s phone for an indefinite period, but a couple of minutes alone with the phone will suffice to log into the system from a computer or another portable device and keep reading their conversation until the account is active and the password remains unchanged.

Linking and Synchronization

You do not even have to manipulate WhatsApp itself to gain the desired results. If your target is using an iPhone, it’s arguably more feasible to get their iCloud credentials and spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone, which is the ultimate way of keeping a low profile.

iPhone and Android Spyware

Spy apps are designed to be undetectable, multi-purpose pocket thieves that can do way more than just WhatsApp spying. A typical specimen is equipped with about a hundred features that scan everything there’s to know about the target phone activity.

Best Apps to Spy on WhatsApp Messages

Below you’ll find our hand-picked list of apps that can handle WhatsApp effortlessly. We also prepared a general overview of some other features that each app is known to excel at.


WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

uMobix has been one of the first commercially successful products on the mobile spyware market to receive the title of an undetectable phone spy app. Despite the competition from similar products, many of which have replicated most of its tools, uMobix remains a market leader and evolves significantly with each update. This is what the app can do:

  • Remote control that allows you to take over essential phone features, like blocking Wi-Fi, call restriction, and data erasure;
  • Integration with the most common socials and messengers and the ability to restrict or block the corresponding apps;
  • Keylogging, ambient streaming, screen snapshots, real-time GPS tracking, and much more.


WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

iKeyMonitor is another app with enviable longevity on our list – like uMobix, it manages to thrive through continuous improvement and is a formidable candidate for the title of the best app to spy on WhatsApp messages. In addition to monitoring this instant messenger, iKeyMonitor boasts an impressive roster of other apps it can integrate with. Some other merits of the spyware include:

  • Keylogging with language recognition allowing to eliminate any linguistic barriers;
  • Seamless integration with a whopping 25 socials and messengers on top of a full package of monitoring functions;
  • 3-day free trial with a month-long refund guarantee, as well as reasonable, multi-tiered pricing options.


WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

Cocospy appeared as a small parental control tool but quickly grew into a true powerhouse in the industry owing to a very special treatment that both the app and its clients get from the team behind the product. As in both of the previous entries, Cocospy allows you to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone and has enough standout features to make it an investment worth your consideration:

  • Extended range of location and positioning features, including GPS geofencing and movement logs;
  • Lightweight app package for Android and a functional setup without installing on target phone for iOS;
  • Outstanding customer support that allows for extra reliability and peace of mind while using the app.


WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

The developers behind XNSPY are tireless innovators, and it is owing to their efforts that the app is an indisputable trendsetter in the industry. Not only does XNSPY offer an astounding selection of remote control options, many of which are available even without target phone online, but it also updates its trademark tools. By signing up, you get access to the following features:

  • 24/7 monitoring of 12 socials with a recently added screen recording function to obtain solid evidence of user actions;
  • Advanced call tracking system with logs containing data on call duration, time, and incoming numbers – all in real time;
  • Unique word alert system that allows the user to create a ‘trigger list’ and get instant notifications whenever those appear on the screen.


WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

Advertised as ‘the one and only solution for all family security needs’, Qustodio may be actually underestimating its own capabilities, as the app is no less powerful than the previous four and can be applied in a ton of different ways. Qustodio is indeed focused on parental control, but you can use it to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone and much more: 

  • Ultimate childcare toolbox: block unsafe websites, limit the target phone’s operation hours and restrict game apps;
  • Unobtrusive monitoring that makes it impossible to detect Qustodio at work without specific software;
  • Comprehensive activity reports that will fill you up on the activity you missed for whatever reasons;

Spying Methods Without Installing on Target Phone Free of Charge

If, for some reason, you are unable to use the methods described above to extract WhatsApp data, here are some free alternatives, each with its merits and limitations.

Web Version of WhatsApp

The first option that allows you to circumvent paying for a spy app subscription is WhatsApp Web – a versatile tool designed to provide messenger users with the ability to work with their WhatsApp account on any device with a stable Internet connection. Since the whole point is to skip the app installation, such a setup allows you to get going within seconds.

The problem with this method is that you must not only lay your hands on the target phone but also undergo QR scanning in the app, which will leave a lot of unwanted traces and can ultimately lead to exposure.

iCloud Online Storage

Cloud technology can not be underestimated in terms of convenience and reliability – it saves you some precious moments when you set up a new iOS device, and can restore almost everything in case your phone gets lost or broken beyond repair – including third-party app data. 

Obviously, you can’t benefit from iCloud unless you have the means to log into the account and pass the two-step verification process. Apple’s security algorithms will repel almost any hacking attempts, and failing the verification will definitely end up in a security notification getting sent to their phone.

MAC Spoofing

If you’re fine with the idea of doing some entry-level hacking, don’t walk by the chance of leaking their WhatsApp data by using MAC (media access control) spoofing – an old but gold technique.

Pulling off the hack will require that you obtain the target phone’s MAC address and then use spoofing software like Terminal to convince the network that your own phone is exactly the same device (we’ll spare you the technicalities). Then you’ll be able to log into WhatsApp by requesting a verification code (remember it will still get sent to their phone). It goes without saying that this method is troublesome, but all the hassle may eventually pay off.


As of 2023, there are at least three viable strategies that allow for unrestricted access to someone’s WhatsApp data, including network manipulations, cloud storage infiltration, and spyware. While some methods are arguably more efficient, they are still plagued by inconveniences you will have to overcome on your way to the truth.

To wrap up our guide on how to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone, we’d like to recommend you, regardless of the method you settled for, to handle other people’s sensitive data with the utmost care, especially if they are your children.

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