Improve your security when you are online

Security always comes first, especially when surfing the web and being online. Even if you think you are safe, there are often small attacks that the average person cannot detect. In these years, the number of data breach incidents exceeds 1 billion. There are years like 2017, reaching the high figure of 2.6 billion data breaches. These figures show how important it is to protect yourself when surfing the Internet. 

Hackers are not just looking to steal your account number, credit card information or your personal identity. Today, data is one of the most precious commodities in the IT world. Companies make a living from the data they store on their users, which is important because it is used for a myriad of things such as marketing. 

Companies hire cybersecurity services to protect their customers’ data and ensure that no one steals important information from them. For example, banks, e-commerce or any of these sectors would need to assure users of full data protection, including the betting industry. More and more gambling and sports bookmakers are reminding their users to take the utmost care online. On sites such as SBO you can check the security of the site as it is registered with the Gambling Commission. In addition, these sites have a large number of bonuses with which you can apply the bet, so security is everything. We only promote online sports betting firms that follow safe banking practices. You need peace of mind knowing that your payment details are secure, and we take that very seriously.

How to make sure you are safe online

The first piece of advice from techlog360 is to use a reliable browser. Nowadays, there are already many browsing options to use, not just Explorer, Firefox or Google. There are minor developers who have created their own brands, for example, Opera. However, sticking to the usual ones like Google and Firefox is recommended. In addition, the latter allows you to browse without leaving any trace, while, in Google, you can do it if you open a private tab. 

The second thing is that sometimes it is better to install an ad blocker. Many times this online advertising can lead to a dangerous and unsafe portal. In theory warning for this type of ads should appear, but sometimes it does not jump and the person clicks on this and endangers your information. For that reason, an advertising blocker is recommended. 

Also, it is important to control the passwords you use. Do not use the most typical 123456 or 111111 or qwerty or similar. Better to create different passwords for each account and then make it have numbers, upper and lower case letters, plus symbols. 

If you are afraid of forgetting your passwords, trust Dashlane, a free application that allows you to store them securely. You do not forget them. 

Another important thing to remember is that when you go out and need to connect to the Internet, try to use your own data. Open Wifi networks found in cafes, restaurants or public places are by no means secure. This is because the information is not encrypted, and if someone hacks into them, they can easily steal information from those connected to them. Similarly, on the Internet, a web page is not secure if it is not HTTPS. Take special attention to the final “s”. It is important because it marks that the web page is secure.

It is necessary to be careful with public Wifi networks and with people who perform phishing. They pretend to be another person or company asking for some of your personal information, do not trust them. Never give any personal banking information by phone or email; always do it in person to avoid risk. 

Finally, to surf the Internet safely, you also need to know the dangers and educate yourself appropriately on the subject. Ignorance is one of the worst enemies of man. If someone does not know that he may be suffering a data breach, he will not know that maybe his personal data is being stolen for later use. So you have to know how to protect yourself from it. Companies are highly advised to invest in cybersecurity to ensure their users’ safety when they are online.

Prabhul Kurup
Prabhul Kurup
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